How To Find The Right Guy For You

Find the right guy

How To Find The Right Guy For You

When it comes to finding the right guy for you, it is not as simple as having a plan and executing it well. Why? Because…


Men who are masculine do not seek out masculine women who seek out and hunt their prey.


Before I offend 50% of you allow me to put a disclaimer in here. I know the modern woman who is skilled in a boardroom is very capable and almost preferential to finding her own man. Right from the start I want you to keep an open mind and look at a different perspective.Mr Right


Chances are you are not happy with the men you attract and are reading this article for that very reason. If not, well then I apologise if I offend you. This article is for the woman becoming aware of their sensitivity as they embrace their inner feminine.


I know so many excellent and successful women who are alone in their personal lives. Many of them are captains of their industry with strong masculine implementation skills. And many such women approach me to find the right guy. With all their expertise and professional success they cannot solve this one problem: How can they share their vulnerable selves with a man that cares about them? Where can they find such a man?


If this sounds like you then continue…



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  • Dominique Reply

    I had a good giggle at this one! Sheesh, I see aspects of myself in this article. I do love how you consistently provide me with a mirror to peer into, in your insightful blogs. I may not be (yet…I am currently ‘rising’ up) in my own full power, particularly as far as being fully independent financially, yet I do recognize how much I gave my own power away in relationships and drew men who were not (yet) fully integrated. I was not. How could I expect a fulfilling relationship with an intimate partner when I could not be intimate with myself and with every aspect I hold within me? I dearly would enjoy being with a man who is in his strong masculine, some day. 🙂
    And I realize that this dynamic ‘inter-play’ is up to me, to create an entry for him to enter into my field. In the meantime, I feel rather pleasantly happy to not be in a relationship at present. (They exhausted me! Or, more aptly, I exhausted myself trying to be something I am not that comfortable being, yet habit got me to play the role of rescuer/victim/perpretrator. ) And I am pretty sure I tired my (2) husbands out with my incessant neediness/bossy-ness, then.
    Hmmm, so I am moving in the direction of becoming less bossy, less controlling, less of a solution-finder/organiser for the men in my life – and let go, enough, to be in my soft feminine when I need to, by surrendering the all of me to the all of my partner. Which is really where I would, at last, like to find myself in. Yet, at the same time, I now can acknowledge my inner masculine and understand this side of my nature more clearly. Balance, hey? I carry on knowing myself more and loving the ‘all’ of me, as best I can.
    You certainly got me thinking….

    As always, Adele, thank you! I am enjoying this inner journey, at present, rather than resisting it.

    Love, always,

    December 5, 2016 at 3:05 pm

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