Secret Essence of Hot Older Women

Secret Essence of Hot Older Women

To make a statement hot older women is not something you are given, it is what you claim when you own your essence as a woman! Every woman has a story and a flavour of her own. Beyond the mask the world sees is a focus on her purpose – a pure heart, broken open to reveal her radiant soul.

And I would love to qualify this claim

  • HOT is when you are magnetic feminine energy
  • OLDER self confidence and acceptance gets better with age
  • WOMAN is the god-given body you have, with its waves of hormones that take you deep into the emotions a man would never know except through a deep connection with you

Or I could tell you the tale given to me by my circumstances in a life-story woven with both pain and joy.


The essence of hot older women is not about the game between a man and a woman, but the rite of passage into the heart – when the masculine and the feminine integrate inside a human body and consciousness evolves.

Do you believe that everything is about sex, and sex is about power?Do you believe that everything is about sex, and sex is about power?

For women there is a choice point in a relationship when we are invited to become conscious. But before we can be conscious in a relationship, we need to know who we really are. The one cannot exist without the other, as the relationship reflection teaches us about our own identity. During this rite of passage to become hot older women we might seek an active purpose in our lives.

Those who do not grow become stuck and unhappy and this leads to separation.  When we separate from our partners it becomes clear that a complete personal transformation is necessary. This kind of transformation arrives by consciously identifying our higher values and, in turn, by knowing just exactly what we are committing to in our relationships, now.  This is where we strip down naked and show our true selves and say: ‘Can you see me naked?’  Being vulnerable means we are honest without playing games, and it evokes compassion in our partners when we learn how to share this journey of transformation with them.

Questioning the meaning in your life happens to many women today.

I woke up one morning and I did not know what made me happy. Where was the meaning in my life?  I wanted so much more.  But what did I really want? Who was I? After years I can now say, ‘This is who I am and what I stand for’:

Women often change. Their behaviour can be described as irrational and the men who love them would love to fix them. They want the original woman back that they fell in love with. Or rather, the woman who promised to fill their expectations. A part of the feminine journey is to let go of who and what you have been told you are, and to discover your own value.

A married couple’s relationship can only survive if they agree on a whole new set of values, those which you now recognise as important for where you are in your life.  You know you are there when you can love the ones who hurt you. Until then, you feel separated and blame those people for what you cannot have.

All this is about the true purpose of a woman, knowing her essence and… on the surface, her beauty, but deep inside it is about the capacity to receive a man until he can grasp his own soul reflection.

To get there you need to take a rite of passage, that of the feminine energy when it calls you to come on a soul journey.To get there you need to take a rite of passage, that of the feminine energy when it calls you to come on a soul journey.

In the process you discover who you are beyond anything you were taught. You climb into Alice’s rabbit hole where the world appears upside down and you can only find your way out when your projections are pulled back and you can see clearly. What you now see is what is really important to you. Then you are ready to embrace your ‘other’ part – a conscious relationship as one of hot older women with a man of equal status. You invite him to your mysterious unspoken essence and reveal this to him. What if he find here his very own soul?  That is the true essence of a woman. Most likely, she is older and wiser and has passed the test of the emerging feminine.

Are you ready to undress? Take off your war paint and strip down to your soul?

Learn more about the feminine as you have not experienced it before. Transformation is important when we experience life’s challenges and sometimes, having someone beside us as we begin the journey, is not just recommended, but is essential.

What are you doing about taking care of yourself? Who holds you accountable? The right is answer is that you are holding yourself accountable and you know you do this when you are doing something regularly. Look out for Edith Venter’s interview where she is sharing how we love our bodies and get hotter as we get fuller bodies. Yup, it is like good wine – it gets better with age.



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