Having A Conscious Relationship Is Much More Than Being Mindful

Having A Conscious Relationship Is Much More Than Being Mindful

Having a conscious relationship is much more than being mindful. I have been married three times, and for that I know at least two levels of a conscious relationship and a not so conscious one.

In this article you will learn:

  • How I learned about the different types of relationships
  • How many types of connections you can have with your partner
  • What is a conscious relationship and what is not
  • Three stages of relationships
  • New and different ways to bond physically
  • More about sacred sex
  • The path of a new paradigm of relationships
  • and lots more



Having a conscious relationship has nothing to do with how much we love our partners. I am on my third life partner and I love all three. It has more to do with our connectedness with each. Maybe this sound like Greek to you now, but if you let me explain I am sure you will change your expectations of what relationships can offer.


Meeting the expectations of a modern relationship

The not so conscious relationship


The first time I married my school sweetheart. The day I realised he was the one for me was the day he told me what his aspirations were. I knew that day that we were the same kind of people. I always felt different than other people, but here was someone I could relate to. And until he died, for 10 years, I weaved my entire life around this man. Of course I was devastated when he died.


The drive of independent women in relationship

The first wave that starts the conscious relationship


Life goes on and this time I told my new husband that I wanted to be independent. Although I was more aware of the gender roles between two people in a committed lifelong relationship, I had a fear that would never leave me. What if I was left alone again? The scar of my first marriage left me forever insecure and hesitant to completely bond myself to another.

We had two children from this marriage and we both had our own ideas about how to raise kids as many couples do. I would never know just how much kids would bring out the sensitivity in me.

Financially we were completely fused, but that was no deterrent for me to go my separate way when the time came. I became and independent thinker. I wanted more from my connection with a man, but I had no way to express what I wanted. I realised that I wanted too much from a relationship. Although we divorced, we are still great parents together and good friends.


The beginning of a new paradigm

The conscious relationship in its phase of acceptance and service





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