My go with the flow experiment has taught me this

go with the flow

My go with the flow experiment has taught me this

I experimented with a theory to go with the flow in the past six months. It has yielded some noteworthy reflections. The feminine is stingy with her secrets and prefer to ever deepen as we emerge…Recommended by CapeTownInsider

A month has passed since life as I knew it came to an end. No good deed stays unpunished. I am no longer writing columns for The Saturday Star or talk on radio on Sundays. Everything I did which does not focus on empowering women has also come to an end.

It seems as if my time is endless. I had a holiday, did a keynote address and redecorated my lounge (again). As spring arrived in the southern hemisphere the urge to plant and plan has awakened within me. What happens now? I will admit I am better at working than resting.

Alas, I am drawn back to my writing, which I find, connects me to the original creator when I drift off to far away places. Our nature is to create, and mine is merged with what has almost become my spiritual devotion in the form of my writing.

Writing helps me to bring alignment between my finite time and the endless possibilities in my mind. Whether I am driven by a forceful ego or the consciousness beyond fear, when I write the action of writing slows me down as I try to recognise the letters that I have written.

In these moments I care less about whether my parents approve of me having a ‘real job’ and more about the joy and peace which fills my heart. Writing helps me to be present in the moment. Because it brings me closer to what is already there, it makes my both beautiful and brings my meaning into focus.

With more unscheduled time I have reconnected with the blossoms and fragrances in my garden. Inspiration wakes me up in the morning and compels me to pray.

Sometimes I numb my feelings, but now it is as if I welcome them. Isn’t this food for the soul? These are special and rare moments when we contemplate that …
good is enough.

My surroundings definitely helps as two dams surround the house. I am so blessed and I just can’t seem to be able to get enough of the beauty in nature. I love my life. In this in-between place, possibilities are endless.

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