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Possibly the most important question to answer is why you should become a member of and what all the fuss is about:

Here you get soul direction and reasons to care about you again. If you are stuck in your relationship, struggle with certain things that left scars in your life, or even secretly want to run away from your life right now, this will give you a bridge to inner guidance. It is time to look within. Here you can empower yourself to do just that with information.

Join me to find your voice. Learn how being honest with your deepest emotions will set you free and empower you.

I have only one purpose; and that is to show you how opening your heart to love can help you to feel again, in a way that makes you stronger. Strong is the new skinny.

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So you are curious but not sure about this feminine energy. Do not confuse the feminine energy which is inside every person with goddess or occult stuff. This has nothing to do with religion. Instead I promise to send you a detailed link to start your journey to connect with yourself, when you join.


…and I will send you the LINK to the information to find out.

This is a topic many speculate about. I know I searched inside my soul for many years. If you want to know more please REGISTER and I will explain it.


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“My eyes fill with tears of gratitude and an almost stunned awe for how my prayers are answered. I tried, from 20 or so years ago, to find a ‘mentor’? I contacted Oprah, Debbie Ford asking if I could be an apprentice. Also Diana Cooper, Byron Katie, Brandon Bays, and others. I kept devouring books and seeking mentors to guide me UP and OUT of where I was. I just wanted someone to TEACH me.

As I was reading more and more of these blogs, it felt like my heart was gonna break. You had done all that I had ached to, for so long, down to exactly the things you studied and then created a practice out of. It felt bizarre to me, as I read more and more. How could this be? Metaphysics, kinesiology; psychoneuro-immunology; the life coaching…everything.

I had such a hunger. I’d get so fired up, write furiously, come up with ideas, etc…and then, doubt myself so much, stuck in this bored life and eventually fall back into such deep depression and feel like I’d never get anywhere. I knew I was being kept alive for a purpose. I just did not know how to get ‘there’ by myself; I didn’t even know where ‘there’ was. But – I could feel it deep within. Now I can clearly SEE, even though I suspected as much for ages, that my lessons were repeating.

I have developed such compassion and admiration for Dom! She’s divine. I’ve spoken and spoken about all this stuff for years – now, in such a short time, it feels like I’ve been catapulted into living it. SO lekker.

I have loved sharing so positively again!

I love you. Thank you for being another me.”

– Dominique

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