Freedom and the power to act, speak and think as beautiful women

Freedom and the power to act, speak and think as beautiful women

Inner beauty comes from the freedom and power to act, speak and think as beautiful women!  You are not born that way. You decide to do it. Getting there is a process and many women experience it deeply inside their relationships. And from this deep desire to live authentically with inner beauty in peace with our soul calling was born conscious relationships.

This article will cover the transformation for women who are often externally beautiful, which attracts those who value it but want to own and will explain why beauty or the women who possess it cannot be:

Overview of this blog:

  • The pink elephant of men owning women
  • Creating conscious relationships
  • 6 Reasons women should and could own their power to be free and equal

The pink elephant in the room is what to do in relationships? I say make them #conscious!


Then address the question that rocks society –

Can a man own a beautiful woman?

She often finds herself the ultimate living trophy for a successful man. How else can he possibly extend his dynasty, other than with the ultimate addition – a beautiful, feminine woman? But can you own anyone? Is this old-school thinking still reserved for the rich? Women who think for themselves, the types that were burnt for being free thinkers not too many eons ago, are like butterflies. They are beautiful and free, soft and elegant and refined, sensitive creatures. These women are radiant and attractive, yet when they are caught in this web of ownership a beautiful butterfly in captivity will wither away.

In this article we will focus on ownership of a human being rather than what makes a women beautiful. And with it comes 6 BRILLIANT REASONS of why freedom is a soul call!

If you want to own your power this is what you need: #Empower #Women #Equality

What is not free will not stay beautiful for long

On my trip to Peru I met Carlos, who owns a butterfly farm. He was truly a unique human being. I was curious as to why and how one farms butterflies. Carlos lived to protect them and to teach people about butterflies. I remember thinking what a unique South American man he was. But, are all men refined enough to understand the needs and dance of the butterfly like Carlos is? For the masculine to evolve and respect feminine radiance, his power to set free what he can own, because a woman is willing, is what human consciousness aspires to.

The feminine inside men and women understands the need to be free


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  • ramphalile Reply

    Dear Adele. I entered consciously in my relationship with my current partner knowing she has a baby daughter with another man. Our involvement has been pleasant so far, and I love her very much. Last Friday her ex asked her out, and she happened to be in the mood for it herself. I flipped, and said no to it when she called me and sort of asked my permission to do it. At the time she didn’t explain much, but later in the weekend calmly discussing it she then explained that she attempted to do it for the wellbeing of their relationship as parents. That they should remain in the best of terms to lead a good example to their baby.

    My question is: Was I wrong to feel like they can’t be going out with my involvement with her? I don’t wish to be dictating at all, and I may have sounded or acted the part. I don’t wish to own her because that can’t be done, and because I’ll get rejected by my own doings in future. We’ve agreed she can see the Father of her baby when she wants to since I not involved with the baby. And later when she felt to apologise for Friday’s incident she mentioned it’ll never happen again whereby she accepts to go out with the baby’s Father.
    I picked up that I may not be good enough for her feeling like I’m keeping her from ‘attempting responsible actions’ (with her ex).

    I want us to be free, and not hold back concerns just because I may say no.
    I said no partly because I’m territorial and I didn’t understand why she would accept going out with her ex, on a Friday. Can you understand my position?

    December 6, 2017 at 5:41 pm
    • Adele Green Reply

      Dear Ramphalile,
      Your heartfelt concern is noted. I too have a stepdad to my boys and I have a relationship with my ex-husband in the interest of my boys upbringing. I would love to point out certain boundary issues that I experienced and how I handle it, if this might be a way forward for you.
      Many of us have to deal with cut-and-paste families where we parent children that are not our own and we all do it differently so I will not advocate this as the only way. We form boundaries around people’s personalities and we are not al conscious or able to hold a similar set of values. With that in mind every child deserves the best relationship between their parents. In my own experience my ex-husband has often tried to ‘kiss and make up’ and I mean it hypothetically. When you have a history of sexual relations there is a strong bond between people. This is not always expected and even though a woman or man can have the best intentions (to keep the relationship of the child sake) your inner convictions needs to be clear if you want to steer clear of temptation. What I mean is you need trust and and open bond to share your concerns in a partnership to allow outside bonds to be formed. Do you trust your partners enough?
      Generally this is really asking do you trust yourself that you are enough for her? What she does is on her own conscience. By allowing open and flowing conversations about the boundaries are she can form clear boundaries about potential scenarios if they might arise.
      The key here is to understand that what she will not have with her ex under any circumstances is a physical bond. I also find that conscious relationships versus unconscious relationships are a strong emotional bond that is present. With this awareness the relationship with the ex is functional around one purpose – the wellbeing of your child. With that said, it becomes a great business relationship that can last years and be free from emotional clutter if you keep your boundaries clear.
      The link here with the topic we discussed is whether or not you have a right to control or manipulate her behavior or choices and I know you already have to answer to that.
      Please let me know if this is useful or if you need more clarity.
      Kind regards, Adele

      December 11, 2017 at 7:57 pm

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