What is the feminine?

Possibly the most important question you may have when you get to THIS website is, “What is the fuss all about?” Let me help you understand.

Introducing HER

What is the feminine?

People think it is about women, how they carry themselves and about beauty, in general. But that could not be further from the truth. The feminine is non-gender and is about the softer side of life. When heart and soul enters the logical world of the man-made ideas about work performance, the feminine enters our lives. And it happens differently for many people.

The principle that sets standards for new evolved values.

The feminine has no gender. Every man and woman has an inner feminine aspect that opens us up to new possibilities and values human consciousness. It invites compassion and empathy into our lives. We are all kept to a code of silence, as was recently indicated to me when I watched the premiere screening of “What is the feminine?” But we all know that there is an unspoken control system that prefers we do not think for ourselves. The problem is what we choose not to address openly manifests itself in our lives through destructive means or crises.

Once you are aware, you can never be unaware. I have spent more time teaching this to women than men, because I believe women are more designed to feel emotions and are given more permission by society to ‘do tears’. I also believe that conceiving a child is the one way all women learn to relate and connect to this new being, by becoming ‘human’ again. Even powerful businesswomen decide to go back to meaningful lives where they can focus more time on their family. A child will not respond with words and control measures. They need sensitivity and touch as a love language and who gives this to them, mostly? Women do. They also open this in many fathers, of course, but moms are their first call, through breast-feeding. The feminine is equally present in men and women, yet it is society that gives women more permission to be soft and tender. It is when men do not follow suit with their female transitioning partners, and stay hard, that these women eventually leave. Some men only notice a difference in their partners after a receiving a threat to leave them.

There is more than one place to address the feminine, but a good starting point is the area of relationship where we are most vulnerable and open. The feminine brings awareness that infuse soul and invite us to be conscious about soul mirrors. The tension of opposites gives growth for human consciousness to evolve and the feminine inside us to emerging. If, however, the relationship does not escalate to realise its soul purpose the potential desired levels of intimacy can not be reached.

After all, it gives your life new meaning and ignites a fire for new direction when you grow, learn to connect, get in touch with your intuition, feelings, higher feminine values, think for yourself and be human again.

But, most of all, it reveals what is beautiful about you which feeds your soul.