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To find our about what we have already achieved read our portfolio to show the spectrum of our empowerment work.

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When you sign up you get written articles and audio episodes from our chat show interviews. We also write for the a column #askAdele in The Saturday Star which also features on the #360Brunch on radio at Mix93.8fm on Sundays.

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Why we encourage membership?

The nature of our content is sensitive. Content is not explicit in nature, but of a deep nature to the soul hitting the vulnerability nerve. We value our tribe members and their emotional need to be vulnerable while they transform.

The transformation journey is sacred for the emerging feminine. Find more articles about transformation here.

Although we choose a safe and protected space to share our information as part of our social enterprise, any purchases will intent to recover costs to maintain this social enterprise website. This great endeavour is to sponsor and self sustain by members who choose to support their own growth by paying for online growth products in the website shop.

Membership is free and will continue to be so whilst supported and self funded by my passion to share what I could not find when I needed it.

To become a member you need to REGISTER (top right corner of our website).

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4. About our free products

As the website grow our sponsored products will increase. Each sponsored product is selected on its merits to take you through a process of development. Depending on where you are now different products will appeal. With each product you select, you will be guided with emails to the next one. If you are ready for it, it will appeal. And if not you simply do not engage.

Currently we have the following available:

5. What can you buy?

We aim to provide a selection of online products and tangible products in our shop.

The physical products like books will have certain restrictions and these are indicated by product. 

Our online products are selected (like our complimentary sponsored products) on the basis of encouraging you to grow your value of the feminine. This means it serves you accross a spectrum of prices based on your developmental stage.

We cater for:

  • Single Audio’s / CD’s
  • Books (ebooks and physical books)
  • Online courses
  • Personal coaching on Skype

If you have tried our free products you will already trust us and the way we work. This serves to eliminate all the obstacles you may face dealing with online purchases. Never hesitate to ask questions in our comments sections anywhere on the website.

Please note that we will cover a spectrum of products that are still being developed so stay tuned with news updates.