Bespoke 1-on-1 Soul-Powered Coaching

Are you ready to be your own boss in every way,

including being the source of your

abundance, life force and money?




Finally break through the energy pattern that lets you compromise your own values, and make decisions that lead you to owning your business with the ultimate financial freedom by doing what you are meant to do.

You will feel supported, confident and trust your own wisdom. Most importantly you will accept that you are the source of your own abundance and understand what this means as well as implement the steps without procrastination.


1-on-1 Coaching is about GIVING YOU ACCESS TO YOUR TRUE SOURCE OF ABUNDANCE and solving the problem essentially of


not feeling financially independent

how to be your own boss


owning the value of the impact that you have.


The number one issue is to know how to make your own business your resource for your  own money, time and freedom while you do what you love.  Currently you don’t yet feel rewarded for your effort of making a difference in the world, and are you juggle roles while you are not taking your business very seriously.

Have you had the realisation that you have lost your power somewhere along the way when you made a life, raised your children or built a career?  Do you feel disconnected from your soul? And do you feel that you give without receiving in return?

Because I too experienced this, I know that the most pain comes from feeling separate from yourself when you compromise your values


There was a point in my life where I craved to know who I was and what my purpose was in this world. I was desperate to find myself and  I felt cut off from my own voice.

It got so intense that I moved into the cottage next to my home for eight long months, because I felt separate from my life, my roles and my relationship. I held on to my coaching practice despite my husband telling me to get a real job and earn more money instead of doing what my heart told me to do. Money was tight and we did not move forward.

When I needed to connect with him emotionally to share my thoughts and feelings, he told me to do my tears in the bathroom. “You need to get over yourself. You are selfish and this needs to stop.” – he would say to me. It was the loneliest time of my life, despite living in the perfect suburb and having everything I have ever wanted and dreamed of.

That was when I challenged my own value the most. I had to make a decision that would muster all the courage I could access to take the next step in my life. I had to be honest with myself about what I really wanted without compromising my values.


That experience lead to inner thoughts that I had to conquer:

  • What was wrong with me?
  • Did I have to break any relationship commitment in order to follow my heart in my business goals?
  • Did I sabotage my success because I felt like a burden?
  • Could it be possible that I was afraid to outshine my husband (or someone else) if I succeeded in business?


What changed?

Because I no longer nurtured thay part of me that craved independence I had lost touch with my true purpose. Even though I had clarity and direction at some point, instead of my purpose guiding me, deep fears now sabotaged my efforts for being rewarded for my work.

It is not all doom and gloom, because I reached a point where I understood my value. I gained confidence from understanding my true gift and my experience shifted from feeling depleted to benefitting handsomely for all my giving. It took grasping how my personal energy flowed and how I plugged it into the world, while going against the thoughts in my head.

The soul and our thoughts play an inner game and the winner is our values! My coaching program is the guiding system which minimises the pain this can create in your life,  especially when it costs you the very resource you need for freedom, inner peace and money to make things happen. Instead grow out of your emotional roller coaster into living your dream, feeling vibrant and be your own boss when you come on board.

Look out for your relationship telltale signs when you do not feel supported in your business. You may have lost your confidence somewhere along the way and now look to your partner. How your partner responds is only a reflection of how you really feel about your business. It indicates that your big business idea need direction, implementation and the kind of support that will break through your challenges. To look to your partner for business advice could be the very reason that you have not shifted. I don’t advocate that men and women is different in business, but I know that given the same tools men respond with less. Women have grooming that makes it OK to be submissive and this is where the value shifts and energy corrections are vital for abundance to flow directly to you. Imagine how your partner will feel when you take away a part of what feeds his abundance.

Save yourself the time and stop looking to your partner for answers. They offer you a mirror, but you have to make the jump inside you. You may already know that it will take a new level of commitment from you as entrepreneur to serve from a place of inner power to bring you the kind of abundance you deserve. 

How many years have you already invested in pouring your heart and soul into influencing others. Yet you feel small, exchanging favours and discounting your value. And, you think that you might never have the self owned business of your dreams. But, your emotions that take up the space in your mind compels you to act now, and it calls to you louder and louder. You can hear it even now. You are grateful for what you have created, yet you feel stuck.

If I have your attention now the question is WHERE DO YOU BEGIN?

DragonflyGive me permission to acknowledge your solo journey. I want to tell you that you absolutely can get back to your essence and cultivate expansive money consciousness in alignment with your soul. You can reconnect with your true values, your inner child and unlimited power.

It is completely possible to WOW yourself, and to know that YOU DID IT Imagine that you moved yourself once again to a place within where you are happier than you have ever been. The path to your deepest dormant dream is right here, right in front of you, right now. You can reset your whole life no matter where you are or what got you there. I know because I have done it several times.

Hello my name is Adelé and I’m the Abundant Soul Coach. My superpower is to turn businesses into the source of women’s abundance. I activate them to own being the boss AND change the world with their authentic voices in my 1-on-1 coaching program.



Hundreds of people have benefitted from my coaching since 2007, and if  you read to until the end you will find out why.

During this transformative coaching program you will move from experiences challenges as problems to looking at them as your personal soul clues to take responsibility for your own financial abundance during 3 stages:

1. Eliminating your internal self sabotage programs to course correct

2. Streamline your flow of energy consciously and benefit from your gifts

3. Create an abundance business model to impact and influence with your own voice

It’s time to become the source of your own money

Whatever keeps you up at night, know that what matters more, is what you do next.

You don’t have to wait until something triggers you to act.

Listen here to what triggered me.

“A Course In Miracles interviewed me about being lost at sea,

the epiphany to my new perspective on my inner power”. 

I am not the only one
  • talking
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about my work..

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You can work with me privately in 3 ways:


2 Months ADVANCED Coaching:

Change your energy pattern and unleash business abundance for women who break through fears and learn how to direct their power 

  • Identify the energy pattern in your life and business on route to your success
  • Link existing challenges to where your abundance is trapped and unleash your flow of money
  • Discover your soul lessons and let it show you the steps ahead
  • Align your soul lesson with your energetic imprint and create flow and ease in your daily life
  • Implement these insights into your business direction to have clear plans and execution
  • Connect with your true value and make a bigger difference in the world
  • Allow for abundance to flow in your business model and open yourself to receive more easily
  • Learn how to celebrate to increase your vibration for big impact


3 Hours fast and powerful INTENSIVE Coaching:

Turn your challenge into your superpower for women who know how to integrate successfully and desire to break through limits

  • Identify the energy pattern in your life and business on route to your success
  • Link existing challenges to where your abundance is trapped and unleash your flow of money
  • Discover your soul lessons and let it show you the steps to implement
  • Align your soul lesson with your energetic imprint for clear direction and flow


One year VIP support Coaching:

Shift from finding your voice to become a Business Bikini Buddha for women who want maximum support with implementation

  • Sessions stretched out over the period of a year covering all the work in the core program with maximum implementation and integration with access to SOS coaching sessions.

Challenges are the key:

What you may sense as the missing 

authentic part of your life now,

will become your superpower

when we work together! 

about the “1-on-1 Sessions”


         Easy – Convenient – Online

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Training

 7 Reasons my clients get

 10x times more value 

than what they invest in



Soulful business is real for my clients. If you think you are ready to explore being rewarded abundantly for your influence be brave enough to find out if you are my ideal client!

Download ⇐ ideal client checklist.

What is the price is of inner peace?

The cost of making the wrong decision because you don’t trust yourself might never be replaced again

There is no price tag on how to push through the tough parts in business that makes all the difference

Skipping all the cost of an experienced mentor is 12 years of painful processes, career changes, unhealthy co-dependent relationships, expensive education and the personal cost of millions of dollars to tap into.

Changing a career without certainty is embarrassment, a waste of years of your life and losing your confidence.

The cost of learning the language of the soul is worth a few lifetimes.

The value of knowing yourself is priceless.

Why don’t you hop on a call now, it’s FREE and tell me about your big business idea, how you see yourself making a difference as an influencer and I explore with you how you can open the flows to your abundance. Even a discovery call has the power to leave you with insights you might never have thought about.

Let your biggest challenge become your superpower.

“Adelé combines professionalism, technical expertise and human connection in a way that made my experience memorable. I’ve found Adelé to be both effective and efficient and most importantly results orientated in my interactions with her, which is exactly what I was looking for. The experience which Adelé brings to the table is not only varied and has depth which has enabled me to take important learning away with me.”
– CFO in Banking Industry

“This is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Adelé has the ability to make me feel like I have achieved the impossible and always makes me feel that I am very “special”. She is focused and always seems to have my best interest at heart. Because of our sessions I am more in control of my thoughts and actions. I am more patient, relaxed and people I come into contact with have noticed a huge improvement in the way I react to certain situations. I am a lot more aware of what is happening around me and I’m motivated and a whole lot more optimistic about life in general. I highly recommend Life Coaching with Adelé, it will change your life.”
– Business Owner in Private sector

“I have been treated to the intuitive, gentle yet focused and peaceful experience that she adds to the profound benefits of this technique. A variety of issues have presented themselves in my sessions, and I have appreciated the engaging way that Adelé supported me from awareness towards intentional transformation for a renewed and balanced way forward – during and after each session.”
– Corporate Coach

“Having a coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My sessions with Adelé have opened my mind to new ways of looking at my bad/old habits. It’s a life changing experience. The cost of the course was an investment in my future and happiness. Adelé has always been supportive and very patient and this has made the world of difference in my life.”
– Corporate PA

“I felt as if I was stuck in a very negative, draining job situation/experience. It was so bad that I resigned without having another job. The process helped me to find that joyous wellspring deep inside me again, and made me see the positive side of the experience, my contribution to the situation and how I could correct it. It also gave me tremendous hope again. And one of my worst relationships changed for the better after this. The most memorable part was that it was fun. In the midst of serious issues there was always a sense of laughter.”
– Contract Corporate Trainer

“My experience of life-coaching was truly life-changing. I think that the best way for me to describe it is to say that after the coaching process I was able to say: ‘I have a right to live according to my values and passions, and I am free to choose to live optimistically’. This small sentence has been extraordinarily liberating. It has allowed me to take ownership of my life, re-narrate my story in a positive light, and to affirm what I am able to contribute. It has enabled me to be generous in my relationships with others and in my work. By reminding me to be genuine, life coaching gave me the key to enjoy the experience of life along with everyone else who is.”
– Business Manager/ Art Therapist

“Adelé is a most remarkable person. Add to this her in depth knowledge as a life coach, image coach and kinesiologist and you have someone who can help you in the most profound way. This has been my experience with Adelé. She has helped me to implement empowering changes in my life. Her kindness, love and passion for what she does is truly inspiring. She comes highly recommended!!”
– Kinesiologist and Nutritionalist

“I was sceptical of using a life coach following some disappointing results in the past from counselling. However my coaching sessions with Adelé have helped me to realise the root of some of the issues I have been harbouring for many years; issues that have affected both my personal and professional life.

Adelé has helped me to realise that there are some deep rooted, subconscious, issues that were shaping the way I interpreted and reacted to situations. By becoming aware of the issues allows me to appreciate and now gradually change the way I react. I have been converted from sceptic to advocate for life coaching.”

– International Senior Manager – Banking Industry

“Through the sessions we had, you challenged me out of my comfort zone, opened my eyes to a whole new world and guided me through the roughest experiences I have ever had to face. It has been the most liberating experience and now everyday brings new motivation to continue changing for the better and to move forward in my blissful life. I am still taken aback at how fast this has all happened and I sit and smile and reflect on how different my life has become as a result of your incredible coaching.

Thank you for taking me on that journey and ensuring that I never gave up, although I wanted to when things got rough. It was all worth it.. every tear.. every challenge and every change!”

– Mother, Business Woman

“Coaching benefited me to unpack and re-organise my thoughts away from distraction. My biggest learning has been that I have all the answers, and coaching allows for an environment in which to answer ourselves. It is like a mirror, clearly reflecting my ideas and I will always remember the feeling of power and success after each session because we get so much done. I recommend coaching for focus and productivity in a short space of time.”
– Sales Director in Health and Beauty Industry

“From my experience with Adelé I was able to prove to myself, unequivocally the power of the Truth and my connectedness to God, Spirit and Mind. This made it a very empowering experience for me. This made it a very empowering experience for me. I understood how un-intrusive the methodologies can be and encountered the strength of the individual, Adelé.”
– Image Consultant

To say the least my first and only meeting with Adelé was astonishing. After our session my back pain had completely disappeared and I was, to say the least, flabbergasted. A week later I was carrying the groceries for our trip along the quay to our yacht and only afterwards realized that I had no problem with my lower back. She explained to me that the human brain is an extremely powerful tool and one which we hardly ever use to capacity. I can certainly recommend Adelé as the key to unlock the potential of the brain. Thank you Adelé for helping me keep my appointment with the yacht race from Paris to South Africa.
– Retired Business Entrepreneur, Chemical Industry

“Adelé is one of the most insightful and patient gurus practising in South Africa. Her wisdom allows you to trust in her, as your coach, fully. The experience of working with Adelé is both rewarding and inspiring; she also is prepared to walk each step of the way with you, in honesty and with complete empathy. She has offered the most generous feedback and given freely of both her time and energy. She is a quiet observer whose insights sometimes are completely startling.

During the course of this year, I have had the opportunity of working with Adelé on a project very dear to my heart – establishing a women’s internal network for my employer. Adelé has been a guiding light … always ready to listen and provide some much needed perspective when the wheels seemed to have been coming off; and all the time there on the sideline offering gentle encouragement. She is fun, knows what to suggest when it comes to motivating cost benefit and yet can offer ideas that are practical.

– Co-Chair Women’s Internal Network and Infrastructure Legal Advisor