Best Ever Dating Tip For Finding Mr Right

Best Ever Dating Tip For Finding Mr Right

As the author of a book written for men, many people ask me about dating tips. My book about conscious relationships and how to validate the experience of an inner transformation, suggests the different needs that partners have, as they evolve.

What skills do you need for dating and getting the right partner?

By the end of this article you will have 3 keys to the best ever dating tip you can find anywhere. There is only one sure-fire recipe that I know of that will work for you, if you are brave enough to try it. Personally I have been married three times, proposed to many more times and never without a partner except when I was on a spiritual quest and chose not to be in a relationship.

And I will start to answer this loaded question with what I shared in Can You See Me Naked under “Can Insecure Men Open Women’s Hearts”.

The essential skills men and women need to open each others’ hearts are, respectively,  RADIANCE & CONFIDENCE.

In principle, a man’s level of confidence will attract a woman’s equal level of radiance to match his. His confidence links to his capacity to believe in himself and how much of himself he has accepted. Anything that he is unable to accept will be picked up by a woman in the unconscious field and become part of the push-pull effect of attraction between them. Beyond the attraction of the relationship there is an even bigger soul agenda.  We attract the kind of partner who holds the  missing pieces  to our own soul. The missing pieces are the parts that we abandoned a long time ago and which now reappear inside the mirror of our potential partner. The soul evolves by unconsciously attracting the perfect mirror of a partner to us, one who seems so attractive to us that we find him irresistible. If this is true, then why does this attraction fade and create a pushing away effect, in time? Why do we not stay in love with that missing part of our souls?


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