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The Specialist Coach’s Kickstarter Support Keys

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Coaching Starter KitIn this 3in1 online course, Adele helps you on your way to emotional clarity by sharing the keys of transformation  for women so you can get a head start sifting through the overwhelm and confusion that comes with big life change.

You will be given a quiz, a 4-part audio streaming and continued support in membership to help you build a solid foundation that will navigate your personal growth. The best part is you can get instant access.

It is not quantity but quality that matters. See for yourself.

Executive Coaching Program Registration NOW OPEN

skype coachingIndividual coaching is limited every year to a select few. Registrations close for these one-on-one intensive programs after the quota is full.
If you’re ready to consciously accelerate listening to your inner voice and and make those big decisions that impact in your relationship and career this is for you. My speciality is to identify the pattern that keeps creating challenges in your life. Everyone has one and it is time to tweak your pattern to work properly again.

Adele GreenBuy the Can You See Me Naked Book

Forget the old ideas of focussing on communication to fix your relationship. As we mature our hearts open. This require us to evolve to the next generation of relationships. What our parents taught us is no longer enough. The relationships where independent women should feel supported sadly leaves us vulnerable.

Instead we can discover emotional clarity. Understand yourself so you can experience the intimacy you crave. This book is a must for your library!

MeditationJoin our daily Meditation Bootcamp

Dedicate just 15 minutes on Monday to Thursday to create a healthy habits that will help you focus and perform at optimum levels. This stress buster is affordable, convenient and contributes to your wellbeing in a busy lifestyle. Each day tips and solutions are offered in a closed Facebook Group to support your growth.

Groups are limited. You can meditate on your own, but just like with exercise you don’t always do it. The purpose of the group is to support you to show up and practice.

Adele Green presents Advance Your Relationship with  

Develop A Powerful Feminine Within Your Relationship 

8-Week Audio Streaming Program

Audio-Relationship-CourseAn advanced personal development online audio course with applications is based on the book Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship, teaching advanced concepts, so you grow into your higher soul values and develop a conscious relationship.

The wait to discover why your relationships don’t work is over. You can now understand the true purpose of relationships and discover who is your soul mate.

how to get publishedMAKE YOUR DREAM REAL

Get Published

Many start writing but few posses the knowledge and motivation to finish and get published. If you are ready to let your own voice be heard with a book – then you have discovered the right course. It is even better if you have not yet finished your book.

This online course includes is about the loopholes and secrets I discovered as an SA author. Most of what you face is not in Google. This course includes marketing while your write to build your community and interviews with selected publishers. 

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