Counting You Matters, But Why?

why counting matters

Counting You Matters, But Why?

Some of us are counters and some of us are discounters. To know if you are a discounter or counters, do notice if you are irritated by self-promotion. And it begs the question:

“Are you counting YOU?”

Understanding why counting you matters is vital if you are in a transformation space, where you build a new life after a separation, career change or experienced an emotional trigger that turned your world upside down. Women so seldom do this, not just because we are sensitive to the needs of those we love, but because we do not understand equality or how energy works.


CLUE:  When you experience emotions around giving yourself value, perhaps this is a sign that you can heal something on your life path.


Discounters are normally irritated by positive people and think that counters don’t understand them or their situations.

For 10 years I have been advocating hope where there is little and empowering perspectives of those who are challenged to open their hearts and feel love again. In the meantime the world got tougher and time more valuable.

Unless you discover how to imbue value in your world, your efforts will appear futile. How you decide if you are good enough depends a lot on if you can see the glass of water half-full.

And just when you think this is going to be one of those feel-good blogs, think again; because we have come to the end of a year where we reflect on our achievements or the lack thereof. Do it – don’t do it: either way will show you if you are a counter or discounter.


When enough people put you down you start to believe it.

But you have a choice: Start counting now or be discounted again- you decide.



Keep reading if you want to learn to count and reflect upon 2017…

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