12 Essentials To Change The World

12 Essentials To Change The World

What are the most needed by female entrepreneurs to change the world?

12 Essentials for women

in self-owned businesses

to change the world

If you are a woman who wants to influence, make an impact and change the world in your own business, consider what you most need to do so.

  • If you know the answer and I did not share it here – tell me what you know;
  • If you don’t know the answer, keep reading.

I have a group of women on Facebook whom I serve. You know that I love writing blogs, sported podcasts, my own newspaper column and even a small radio feature previously. Now a lot of energy is focussing on this group of ladies and their needs. They share a desire to be


Many of them are  clients, friends for years on Facebook and people who are currently part of my journey who will influence and make a big impact on the world. I adore them. I feel close to them. And I expect great things from them. I serve them and offer the resources that they need. And so, I started to interact with them only to discovered a few similarities:

All women in transition

Mostly business owners or they want to have their own businesses

Many are moms who do what they have to, to support their families

Many of them used to be professionals in corporate business

Many influence on social media, blogs and podcasts already

Some are, or, want to write books and build a business around it

Many want more money

Some crave to live their purpose more fully

Some are energetically tied into relationships which blocks them

Some are prevented by beliefs to access their abundance

Some want more time and less juggling

Many still deal with sadness, loss or depression

Few are money conscious



And from them I learned a great deal about what resources are needed and why now!

That is why I decided to be open about my own journey and what helped me the most.

Where and How can you get this information?

These days a lot of information is available


I will present the information via blogs, podcasts and live stream in this mentioned Facebook Group.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can join the group where the 12 essentials will be ‘grounded’ whether it is a blog, podcast or video.  Of course you can opt in for the newsletters or the social media platforms but my focus will be the small private Facebook Group for now.


Join me here


To know what those 12 essentials are and until I presented all of them in detail, I am going to encourage you to join the group for. As I share them, I will come back to mention them here in this post. So come on over. Be brave and join me now. Then you can get it as I share it. Or better yet, you can guess what they are, and, we can find out if you are right together.

If you are wrong, you win, because you will learn something.

If you are right, then you also win, because you know that you know.

But OH DEAR just no FOMO.

Come find out which one it is. Co-creation is all about win-win.

Let’s call it the #soulabundance !

Love, Adele



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