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Why African Women Entrepeneurs Are On The Rise – Melanie Hawken

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Why African women entrepeneurs don’t need handouts and are on the rise
Adele Green interviews Melanie Hawken, soon to be one of the most powerful voices for African Women Entrepreneurs. We discuss why it’s the decade of African women entrepreneurs.
Melanie Hawken is the founding member and CEO of Lionesses of Africa. She is also Editor for this digital community of 120 000 women in 35 countries which is growing rapidly. The past 10 years […]

How to release old stuff that hold you back – Julia Mikk

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
How to release old stuff that hold you back with the breath
International healer, teacher & founder of Breath of Love, Julia Mikk, helps people to live their soul’s purpose with courage. People travel from all over the world to work with her and experience her breath work. As an Estonian in California Julia Mikk healed herself and now make it easier for others to do the same. This is her story:
Julia shares […]

Be happy EVERYWHERE – Margaret Hirsch

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Be happy EVERYWHERE, even in a corporate world
Billionaire, COE and founding member of Hirsch’s with her husband, Margaret Hirsch is also a motivational speaker. Margaret have won many achievement awards. Her latest being Nominee for Most Influential Women in Business & Government award in 2015, Inducted into the global woman leaders hall of fame (2014) Top Woman Awards best Women Empowered Community Program & Entrepreneur (2013) as well as Top Woman, […]

Economic Empowerment: Best Breakup Advice For Women

What you need to know about money when breaking up with your partner, is that for your financial well-being, making decisions with your heart is important but you cannot omit reason and logic. Rather than fuss over spilled milk, making informed decisions will impact positively on your emotional well-being and avoid irreversible consequences. It makes sense to separate the facts from the emotions and nowhere does this matter more, than in the area of finances. When a couple fight about finances, their emotions are still being entertained. […]

Relationship Women: 4 Steps To Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not a dream. It can be made very real by attending to 4 steps. It is totally unacceptable that so many women still come from the paradigm which accepts a female role of very little responsibility for self in terms of financial independence, within the family structure. Many decisions are made for the family and very little thought is given to an individual’s position in the case of there being no family, until something goes wrong.
The […]

What Is The Answer And Who Has It?

And just what is the answer?
Recently I was interviewed by Positive Living Vibrations Radio, Sara Troy, on her show about Where to find the answers and I would love to share it with you here:
Sara asks some questions that are great to share with you about the journey we travel, how we get there and who has the answers. It is my experience about the feminine journey that everyone of us find our own way there, where ever there is […]

Abused Women - signs and symptoms

The Impact Of Child Abuse On Adult Women

Child abuse steals a part of our soul. When I wrote this, I first thought to call it ‘An outrageous view on abuse’… but then I realised ‘NO!” Abuse is really the killer of all things innocent. For all of us, the feminine journey takes us back to the painful events of our life so we can heal by re-telling the story, breaking the silence, and saying it in our own way to not only heal us but to inspire […]

Truth and lies

What Does Vulnerable Mean? Do You Feel Exploited?

Everything we are taught about being vulnerable turns on its head when we really understand what does vulnerable mean. We need the quality of vulnerability to be powerful, authentic and to grow without being a victim. Do you know how to do that? Those women who do know this, do not get exploited. If you are interested to know more… read on.
In this article:

What does vulnerable really mean
Being vulnerable does not make us victims
Gender power plays within the context of […]