Time for Me

The most important lesson

What is the most important lesson and why does it matter?

This pandemic seems to have hit a second wave as if nature itself is saying:
“Did you not hear me the first time around?”
Make sure that you got the lesson loud and clear. Take a deep breath and walk with me through these insights.
Relationship builder 101 is what is waiting for you if you read this blog.

International womens day

A Woman’s Prayer For Inner Wisdom

Today we celebrate International Woman’s Day with a woman’s prayer. And I offer you a prayer in silence as women of worth. We are all worthy. Sometimes it helps to have a prayer to help us access our inner wisdom and grow strong.

flow with the universe

Take Your Power Back: Free Your Emotional Cuffs

This year I decided to skip the new year’s goal and opted for taking my power back in flow with the universe. Inspired by a book on synchronicity, The 7 secrets of synchronicity by Trish and Gregg MacGreggor, I decided that I will not drive my focus, but instead notice where I am guided to follow.
If you, like me, had enough of information overload and being overwhelmed last year, it might be time for you to […]

why counting matters

Counting You Matters, But Why?

If you know that you have a low self esteem this is an important blog for you to read. Some of us are counters and some of us are discounters. As a discounter self-promotion can be irritating and bring up emotions. Understanding why counting matters is vital if you are in a transformation space from where you need to build your new life after a separation, career change or experienced an emotional trigger that turned your world upside down. […]

Looking for answers

Awaken Your Intuition For Clarity

Awaken your intuition for clarity and find out if your idea is right for you. There is a reason passion drives a purpose-driven career. But, before we start we need a big enough WHY to keep going when it gets tough. So before we start we need to be sure! Too many business ventures fail and it is better avoid after-analysis than it is to start right.

Yes I want to awaken my intuition!


Right now I bet you […]

Why am I not good enough?

How To Overcome Feeling Not Good Enough

Are you feeling paralysed, procrastinate about decisions or not taking action?
According to Dina Marais, coach, founder of a pioneering self-coaching website and magazine columnist, most women suffer from not feeling good enough. The signs that you are, is being paralyzed; procrastinate about decisions and not taking action. This indicates the dire need to develop self-nurture skills and loving yourself.
When you read the whole article you will discover:

What underlies the fear of failure
How self-value and self confidence is different
How to experience […]

The Fear Of Not Being Loved & Dating – Lindsey Ellison

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
The fear of not being loved and how to date again
Adele Green interviews Lindsey Ellison, Huffington Post journalist who is outspoken about narcissists. Lindsey freelances for www.yourtango.com, writes for her own blog and host a chat show “Start Over Find Happiness Again” to empower women. Lindsey motives survivors of narcissists based on her own journey.
After the first interview where Lindsey talks about being in a relationship with a narcissist, we now explore:

When is […]

Cancer Survivor Andri Ford

How To Deal With Cancer – Andri Vermaak

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
How to deal with cancer
Adele Green interviews Andri Vermaak, who survived a rare cancer and now shares her most vulnerable moments to give hope to other women for whom this disease might seem overwhelming.
Andri shares how she learned to value herself from having cancer, surviving her rare cancer diagnosis. She explains what she now takes responsibility for and what not.
In the interview you will find out:

What keeps one going?
Adapting with cancer in a relationships
Experimentation with […]

What to do in Clarens – find yourself inside a vortex

Meeting ourselves is never an easy feat, but it is easier in some places than in others. There is a farm called the Old Mill Drift which is one of those places to find yourself in and then you do not have to wonder what to do in Clarens.
There is no me-time like finding yourself in nature. Continue to read and you will learn:

new facts about the Clarens area
get and overview of the Old Mill Drift
gain a new perspective about the […]

how I talk to myself?

How to talk to myself in my head?

There are some taboo subjects in the business of mind-body connection and especially psychology, like talking about our feelings.
I love the analogy that is is used by existential analysis scholar and expert Alan Laing: Feelings are equated to underwear. He suggests that: talking about feelings is like wearing our underwear in public.
The reason we need to open the conversation of discussing feelings is that, in the event that we try to avoid or deny it’s existence, or even suggest that we […]