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Why God made women to challenge men

Did God Make Women To Challenge Men

Physical, social and environmental differences are the key drivers indicated by research as the drivers towards gender differences where some… ,me included, believe that God made women to challenge men. But it is not all in vane, because there is a purpose behind it to expand consciousness. You can read more about it in this article. When you read it you can also expect to learn more about: Physical researched differences Personality and social differences The impact of the environment Conditioned roles Choices The article [...]

what is a conscious relationship

What is a conscious relationship?

When your relationship reaches a stage where you need change consider a conscious relationship before you consider separation. A conscious relationship consists between two people when at least one the partners is aware of reflection as a form of personal growth. I like to explain it as a mirror-relationship, where your projections bounce back at you. A projection is when what you are assuming about what is going on and what you say is about the other person, is in [...]

Falling love

Featuring: Lessons in Heartbreak

I recently fell in love. Deeply. I had all the classic symptoms; I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus on anything. He was interesting, cute, sweet, sexy, bright, difficult, challenging – everything that I wanted. He told me that he never shared so intimately with anyone, he told me he loved me, he told me that he was a better man around me, he told me that he thinks I could be the one. And the kisses…well, [...]

How do you start over?

How Do You Leave Behind A Big Part Of Your Life?

Deciding to break up a relationship is so big: How do you leave behind a BIG part of your life? Recently I was interviewed by Shadow Twala on live national radio SAFM, on her show ‘Otherwise’. She asked some really profound questions about how we break dependency in relationship. Her questions about transformation reveals so much about how moms with children goes through transformation.   Learn how women understand transformation, how they leave a big part of themselves behind and break co-dependency. I answer how [...]

The Inside Story From a Cancer Survivor – Andri Vermaak

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 31 The inside story of a cancer survivor ANDRI VERMAAK VOL 1 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Andri Vermaak, who survived a rare cancer and now shares her most vulnerable moments to give hope to other women for whom this disease might seem overwhelming. Andri shares her vulnerability, coping skills and some of the most important aspects that helped her to survive her rare cancer diagnosis. In the interview you will find out: Being diagnosed with a rare appendix cancer worldwide How cancer can [...]

Gaynor Young

How To Become The Hero In ‘The Story Of My Life’ – Gaynor Young

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 30 How to become the hero in the ‘the story of my life’ GAYNOR YOUNG VOL 2 OF 2 Adele Green interviews Gaynor Young, who after her fall in Camelot teaches us how we can become the hero of our own lives in our own stories too. Gaynor, or #earear as she is known, became synonyms for overcoming overwhelming odds. Her early life as actress became famous after her accident in Camelot, and she has come back with such an authentic voice. In [...]

How To Choose Success In Life – Gaynor Young

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 29 How to choose success in life GAYNOR YOUNG VOL 1 OF 2 Adele Green interviews Gaynor Young, who shares her experience on stage in Camelot, the fall that left her completely disabled, and how one can choose success in life still. Gaynor, or #earear as she is known, became synonyms for overcoming overwhelming odds. Her early life as actress became famous after her accident in Camelot, and she has come back with such an authentic voice. In the [...]

Woman – What makes a woman?

Children are told boys are puppy tails and girls are made of all the good stuff. And then we live and life teach us we are wild, chaotic destroyers. We have the capacity to help people feel safe, completely accepted and loved too. But that is a whole story of transformation of how to become a woman. Typically one day still holds in place the elements of what it takes to be a woman and true women live this every day [...]

Lionesses of Africa

How Women Lead Differently In Africa – Melanie Hawken

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 21 How women lead differently in Africa MELANIE HAWKEN VOL 2 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Melanie Hawken, soon to be one of the most powerful voices for African Women Entrepreneurs. We discuss why and how women lead differently in Africa, what drives them and what is the foundation of their value system. Melanie Hawken is the founding member and CEO of Lionesses of Africa. She is also Editor for this digital community of 120 000 women in 35 countries which [...]

read the signs
walk by faith not by sight

Learn To Read The Signs As An Antidote To Overwhelm

This is for you if you are experiencing stress as a woman with limited resources. Do you feel a bit lost in this world of information and endless possibilities? Then reading this will bring some emotional clarity. Learn to read the signs as an  antidote to overwhelm. A friend once said to me that she wishes that the universe would just give her a big neon sign like ummm … billboard size, so she knows what to do with her life. Sometimes the [...]