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Annette Kinnear

How Writers Make A Difference – Annette Kinnear

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 2   How writers make a difference with fiction and stories ANNETTE KINNEAR VOL 1 OF 3   Author of 6 published books in English and German. Her fiction romantic thrillers are very successful in Germany. Before she was an author she was a Specialist Recruiter in Engineering in South Africa. Interviewed by: Adele Green, Transformation Specialist and Author of www.CanYouSeeMe interviews feminine role models to share stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women with daily challenges [...]

What Is “Naked with Adele”

What Is “Naked with Adele” By Adele Green Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW introduce: EPISODE 1 What is “Naked with Adele” chat show about? ADELE GREEN – Adele is the author of 2 published books, Can You See Me Naked & Empowering Women. Her personal development books, CD’s and Workshops help her coach clients in developing their emerging feminine. Before becoming an author, she was a Professional Corporate Buyer in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Fashion. Adele Green is a Transformation Specialist and one of the [...]

The Soul Purpose of Relationships

Once you understand the purpose of relationships from the soul’s perspective, your relationships will never be the same again. We contemplate: The many purposes of a relationship Soul Mirrors I’ve alluded to the soul purpose of relationships so many times in my articles and book and I then found myself needing to refer to what I had already discussed. But when I searched for a title called ‘soul purpose of relationships’ I found no such title, subtitle or blog post. It was a [...]

Secret Essence of Hot Older Women

To make a statement hot older women is not something you are given, it is what you claim when you own your essence as a woman! Every woman has a story and a flavour of her own. Beyond the mask the world sees is a focus on her purpose – a pure heart, broken open to reveal her radiant soul. And I would love to qualify this claim HOT is when you are magnetic feminine energy OLDER self confidence and acceptance gets better with age WOMAN is the god-given [...]

4 Tips For How To Overcome Fear

How far are you willing to go to learn how to overcome fear? I learned four key lessons from my fire-walk that I consider to be smart goals. You are defined by your skin, your emotional boundaries and what people tell you about yourself. But you can only recognise what you already know. Phew, that is a mouthful! In the process of getting to know who we are, we test the boundaries. It is an important part of this machine that [...]

Harvard: Why Feminine Leadership Styles Are Best

  According to Harvard, men can learn from women when it comes to leadership styles. The latest research shows that 8 of the top 10 desired attributes are natural for women. The days for women to get to the top, camouflaged in men’s suits, are over. NOW THERE ARE MANY REASONS TO UNDERSTAND LEADERSHIP STYLES FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE: According to Harvard, female leadership is rated above male leadership What the more desirable feminine leadership styles are and what they are not That it serves [...]

Truth and lies

What Does Vulnerable Mean? Do You Feel Exploited?

Everything we are taught about being vulnerable turns on its head when we really understand what does vulnerable mean. We need the quality of vulnerability to be powerful, authentic and to grow without being a victim. Do you know how to do that? Those women who do know this, do not get exploited. If you are interested to know more… read on. In this article: What does vulnerable really mean Being vulnerable does not make us victims Gender power plays within the context of [...]

Little Known Ways Of How To Build Confidence

To way to overcome doubt is about learning how to build confidence. Do you ever doubt your decisions? Here are 5 confidence tips and 5 sure ways to improve decisions, especially useful in relationships. Learn how to overcome doubt when making decisions – do not USE your partner to make decisions for you We mostly assume that co-dependence is an emotional neediness on our partners. But it is also about having expectations in relationships, which are the source of most of our unhappiness. This [...]

Who Else Wants These Top Tips for Intimacy?

There are 4 top tips for intimacy that are useful to know when we realise that men and women need different things to reduce stress. Women predominantly want intimacy and men mostly desire sex.  Both men and women get what they really want in the same relationship. This is not the only different need between men and women, but it is one of the most important while women experience transition in the relationship. Men and women have different needs Stress is reduced differently in men and women Transition times requires vulnerability which [...]

Now Every Man Can Understand Women – Dating Advice

Dating advice is as easy as understanding women. But understanding women is not as simple as that. Why do some guys get the girls?  I bet you want to know. Dating advice is overrated. How to understand women is a life long commitment but easier when you get two simple things: When women close their hearts everything closes When men are insecure they cannot open women Pain closes women, period. No pain feels quite like heart pain: when your heart feels like someone [...]