Inspiration: Poetry To Live With Adversity

Beauty can be inspiration when we experience our worst depression. When times are hard it can be tough to find a way to live with adversity. The less I understand, the more I go within and often feelings become even more overwhelming. I find my solace in poetry, both reading and writing it. This was my very first vlog and it was timed with the suicide of the actor Robin Williams. Enjoy these five minutes and find, hidden inside, a […]

What Is The Answer And Who Has It?

And just what is the answer?
Recently I was interviewed by Positive Living Vibrations Radio, Sara Troy, on her show about Where to find the answers and I would love to share it with you here:
Sara asks some questions that are great to share with you about the journey we travel, how we get there and who has the answers. It is my experience about the feminine journey that everyone of us find our own way there, where ever there is […]

The Weight Anorexia Nervosa Really Wants To Shed

Nathalia struggled with rape, anorexia and later, with the relationships in her life. This article is presented as a conversation between a reader and an author. All women have a story – have you ever really told yours as it is? Here Nathalia bravely tells the story of how she sees herself and how she deals with her challenges. The journey to go within and express what you struggle with inside, is what heals you. We can only learn from those brave enough […]