go with the flow

My go with the flow experiment has taught me this

My go the the flow experiment with the universe has yielded some noteworthy reflections. The feminine is stingy with her secrets and prefer to ever deepen as we emerge. This is what flowing with the universe has taught me. Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens [...]

Why God made women to challenge men

Did God Make Women To Challenge Men

Physical, social and environmental differences are the key drivers indicated by research as the drivers towards gender differences where some… ,me included, believe that God made women to challenge men. But it is not all in vane, because there is a purpose behind it to expand consciousness. You can read more about it in this article. When you read it you can also expect to learn more about: Physical researched differences Personality and social differences The impact of the environment Conditioned roles Choices The article [...]

what is a conscious relationship

What is a conscious relationship?

When your relationship reaches a stage where you need change consider a conscious relationship before you consider separation. A conscious relationship consists between two people when at least one the partners is aware of reflection as a form of personal growth. I like to explain it as a mirror-relationship, where your projections bounce back at you. A projection is when what you are assuming about what is going on and what you say is about the other person, is in [...]

Freedom and the power to act, speak and think as beautiful women

Inner beauty comes from the freedom and power to act, speak and think as beautiful women!  You are not born that way. You decide to do it. Getting there is a process and many women experience it deeply inside their relationships. And from this deep desire to live authentically with inner beauty in peace with our soul calling was born conscious relationships. This article will cover the transformation for women who are often externally beautiful, which attracts those who value [...]

I’ve Reached My Limit – Hitting Your Breaking Point

It happened and I’ve reached my limit. What do you do when you hit your breaking point? Many events can lead up to this. And you may be strong… and sometimes even that has a limit. When you reach that stage that you have exhausted all your resources and you really do not know what to do – what then? It is an interesting (and painful) place to be. This is often where so many of us give up our power [...]

Looking for answers

Awaken Your Intuition For Clarity

  Awaken your intuition for clarity and find out if your idea is right for you. There is a reason passion drives a purpose-driven career. But, before we start we need a big enough WHY to keep going when it gets tough. So before we start we need to be sure! Too many business ventures fail and it is better avoid after-analysis than it is to start right.   Yes I want to awaken my intuition!   WHERE DO I START? Right now I bet you [...]

Relationship Problems: Use Relationship Mirrors

 USE RELATIONSHIP MIRRORS TO DETERMINE WHICH INNER SHIFTS YOU NEED TO LIVE AUTHENTICALLY Reading this book will give you access to see your relationship mirrors.   How can you discover your blinds spots that block your growth through relationships? It’s not about blaming your partner (ex-partners). It’s not about getting a divorce. A new life does not make the issues your feel go away. It’s not about getting a better partner or soulmate to replace your current partner.   A person with a low self-esteem, who feels unworthy, is likely [...]

Having A Conscious Relationship Is Much More Than Being Mindful

Having a conscious relationship is much more than being mindful. I have been married three times, and for that I know at least two levels of a conscious relationship and a not so conscious one. In this article you will learn: How I learned about the different types of relationships How many types of connections you can have with your partner What is a conscious relationship and what is not Three stages of relationships New and different ways to bond physically More about sacred sex The path [...]

What Did Lara Croft Ever Do For Women: Gaming, Body Image & Media – Nathan McCree

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 28 What Did Lara Croft Ever Do For Women? Gaming, Media & Body Image NATHAN MCCREE VOL 3 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Nathan McCree about the inevitable topic – Did or did the icon Lara Croft in Tomb Raider help to empower or disempower women’s body image? What was the impact of gaming and media perceptions? And Nathan responds with very revealing answers. Nathan McCree is famous for composing the music for Tomb Raider in 1996. One day he was a [...]

Increase EQ With Music – Nathan McCree

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 27 Increase EQ with Music NATHAN MCCREE VOL 2 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Nathan McCree, who shares his views of the true reason he started composing and how music can do nothing less than increase your EQ (emotional quotient). Nathan McCree is famous for composing the music for Tomb Raider in 1996. One day he was a music writer in the gaming industry and the next day his boss arrived at work with his new Ferrari.  He now lives [...]