Candice Robbertze Mrs South Africa finalist interview with Adele Green

Homemade beauty secrets revealed by Mrs South Africa finalist Candice Robbertze

3 Beauty secrets to live by according to Candice Robbertze, Mrs SA Pageant Semi-finalist – read all about it.
You have a story and that is what makes you unique. Your story reveals what you stand for and from there comes your belief in yourself. No one is more qualified to believe in you as much as you are able to believe in yourself. So do you stand for inner or outer beauty? The choice is entirely yours. But stand […]

Freedom and the power to act, speak and think as beautiful women

Inner beauty comes from the freedom and power to act, speak and think as beautiful women!  You are not born that way. You decide to do it. Getting there is a process and many women experience it deeply inside their relationships. And from this deep desire to live authentically with inner beauty in peace with our soul calling was born conscious relationships.
This article will cover the transformation for women who are often externally beautiful, which attracts those who value […]

Regina Jonga

Divorce Stress Turns Domestic Into Overnight Body Building Success Story – Regina Jonga

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Divorce stress turns domestic into overnight body building success story
Adele Green interviews Regina Jonga, ex Zimbabwean domestic worker, who turned her sorrow from choosing a divorce to exercise to feel better. Her story of success became overnight headline news and it inspired her to perform better and better empowering many other women who feel hopeless about the lives they live.
Regina continues to win international competitions. In this interview we explore:

How her life as a […]

How To Deal With Expectations: Meraki versus Multitasking Skills

How to deal with expectations: Meranki versus multitasking skills. This can be a tricky subject. Today I share the message from my live video broadcast.
Make sure you are not too busy to watch this. It may just be what you need to make a whole lot more time available to you.
Watching this video to learn why it is imperative to know what to focus on when your heart opens. Most women who go through major transformation fall prey to people […]

The Inside Story From a Cancer Survivor – Andri Vermaak

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
The inside story of a cancer survivor
Adele Green interviews Andri Vermaak, who survived a rare cancer and now shares her most vulnerable moments to give hope to other women for whom this disease might seem overwhelming.
Andri shares her vulnerability, coping skills and some of the most important aspects that helped her to survive her rare cancer diagnosis.
In the interview you will find out:

Being diagnosed with a rare appendix cancer worldwide
How cancer can […]

What Did Lara Croft Ever Do For Women: Gaming, Body Image & Media – Nathan McCree

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
What Did Lara Croft Ever Do For Women?
Gaming, Media & Body Image
Adele Green interviews Nathan McCree about the inevitable topic – Did or did the icon Lara Croft in Tomb Raider help to empower or disempower women’s body image? What was the impact of gaming and media perceptions? And Nathan responds with very revealing answers.
Nathan McCree is famous for composing the music for Tomb Raider in 1996. One day he was a […]

How the divine feminine bring us back from our dark night – Julia Mikk

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
How the divine feminine can bring us back from the dark night of the soul
International healer, teacher & founder of Breath of Love, Julia Mikk, helps people to live their soul’s purpose with courage. People travel from all over the world to work with her and experience her breath work. As an Estonian in California Julia Mikk healed herself and now make it easier for others to do the same.
Julia explains […]

What Makes Beautiful Women Confident

Women are beautiful because of how they carry their confidence. Beautiful women can be insecure or scarred with inner pain from rejection in the past, but a healthy relationship can give her a new opportunity to grow into self acceptance as she learns more about herself. We do not know what we do not know. But once we have a map we know where to take our hearts and this is where the role of our partner is invaluable.
Experiences provide us […]

7 Secrets Spiritual Leaders Know

Are you a manager or do you lead people? Do you have a beautiful office? Do you know how your office affects you? We think these things don’t matter. Some people are just lucky to have a beautiful office and some do not. Well, it does matter… Here are 7 secrets that spiritual leaders know about.
Spiritual Beauty Leadership
In this article we consider the following views:

What kind of leaders have which kind of office environments
What is the impact of an office on the soul & […]

Live With Integrity & Celebrity – Edith Venter

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
How to live a genuine life with integrity with celebrity Edith Venter
Author of The Art of Good Living, socialite and best-dressed beautiful woman. Patron and celebrity, a successful self-made business woman with her event company, Edith Venter Promotions in Johannesburg, and a passion for charity.
Interviewed by:
Adele Green, Transformation Specialist and Author of www.CanYouSeeMe interviews feminine role models to share stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women […]