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What It Is Like To Be In Relationship With A Narcissist – Lindsey Ellison

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
To be in relationship with a narcissist
Adele Green interviews Lindsey Ellison, Huffington Post journalist who is outspoken about narcissists. Lindsey freelances for www.yourtango.com, writes for her own blog and host a chat show “Start Over Find Happiness Again” to empower women. Lindsey motives survivors of narcissists based on her own journey.
Lindsey specifically addresses being in a relationship with a narcissist. In this interview we explore:

What happens to relationships with co-dependency
The dance between narcissist and […]

What is masculine & feminine? – Anja van Kralinger

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Masculine & Feminine; Gender Role Confusion; Feminine Leadership and Diversity?
Founder of The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, M.Sc psychologist & analyst, Anja passionately shares with us what is authenticity; how to face the shadow & how to get your energy back, motivated by her own journey of how she applies self knowledge.
Learn what is the masculine and feminine inside us, how it relates to today’s gender role confusion and leadership. Find […]

How To Groom Your Partner Without Being A Nuisance?

My mom used to say to me that if I am not strong, then I must be clever. When it comes to men, this has always been my motto. Wanting to groom our partners, there are some facts we need to be aware of.
If, in his mind, he thinks that we dress well, we have the advantage of credibility when it comes to dress sense.
No one, not even a man’s strength can resist us if they agree with what we […]

Men Want To Know – Why Did She Leave

“Why did she leave me?” This is the one question men struggle with. I answer the men who ask me this – after they have read my book – because, if it’s not me responding to this, who else will explain why women leave men behind? I am one of those women who left and men deserve to know.
66% of divorces are initiated by women –
There are many reasons why women leave men. Research in the US, UK and SA […]

Best Ever Dating Tip For Finding Mr Right

As the author of a book written for men, many people ask me about dating tips. My book about conscious relationships and how to validate the experience of an inner transformation, suggests the different needs that partners have, as they evolve.
What skills do you need for dating and getting the right partner?
By the end of this article you will have 3 keys to the best ever dating tip you can find anywhere. There is only one sure-fire recipe that I know […]

What Makes Beautiful Women Confident

Women are beautiful because of how they carry their confidence. Beautiful women can be insecure or scarred with inner pain from rejection in the past, but a healthy relationship can give her a new opportunity to grow into self acceptance as she learns more about herself. We do not know what we do not know. But once we have a map we know where to take our hearts and this is where the role of our partner is invaluable.
Experiences provide us […]

Marry Me, Already!

How do we know when our partner is ready for marriage? What are the signs to look for when we have been around for too long to call them ‘boyfriends’? What prevents them from taking the next step? When everyone starts to wonder about us and it has become awkward to ask us this question, we also really want to understand what is behind the hesitation.
“Why does my partner not marry me?”
When courting does not automatically lead to marriage we need […]