Homemade beauty secrets revealed by Mrs South Africa finalist Candice Robbertze

Candice Robbertze Mrs South Africa finalist interview with Adele Green

Homemade beauty secrets revealed by Mrs South Africa finalist Candice Robbertze

Discover 3 Homemade beauty secrets as revealed by Mrs South Africa Finalist, Candice Robbertze, when you read until the end. Not all beauty solutions have to cost a fortune according to Candice.

Also in this article:

  • How we measure beauty
  • What we do in the name of beauty
  • What is beauty
  • Candice’s home recipe for glowing skin
  • Her discovery of inner beauty and why she is confident in the Mrs SA Pageant
  • What she stands for


Where it all begins…

All women wonder if they are beautiful and desires to be adored. It is a silly little thing that comes from experiencing the appreciation of our fathers. At the tender age of three, when daddy makes a fuss, it leaves and imprint as we become aware of being noticed. This is where the trouble begins.

The external desires for being beautiful is rooted in our feelings and starts early in life. On this journey we explore every remedy to make us beautiful. And so, I share the beauty secrets as revealed by Mrs SA Semi-finalist, Mrs Candice Robbertze.


How do we measure beauty

Beauty is a value we attributed to someone, comparative to what we, as individuals, think are important to qualify as beautiful. If what we see compares better than what we count as beautiful, we label it as beautiful. ‘Opinions are as varied as there are observers. There is no universal measurement for beauty.

This opens a door for consideration: Does it matter what others think of us, as much as it matters what we think of ourselves?

Our thoughts are constantly clouding any compliments based on our thinking if we do not hold the key.


What we do in the name for beauty

Because we don’t feel beautiful enough, we compensate with regimented grooming. We invest heavily to manipulate our appearances. Some who knows how to put in the effort, don’t, as they do not value themselves as enough. To let your real beauty shine through care less about what others think and respect yourself for reasons that matter.


What is beauty?

What you think is beautiful, another may think are ugly by someone else. If those who judge your appearance harshly cares to look beyond a person’s appearance, they too might learn something from you about self-respect. By not responding to others we allow them to look into the mirrors of their own souls, and we can only hope that they will like what they see. Just be honest with yourself and it will out weigh any external beauty that disappears with time. Beauty is what shines through us and that which will surpass the test of time when what is on the surfaces faces away.

Look deeper:

Why not a redirection of your focus? I invite you to notice what beautiful qualities you have. Why are you really putting in the effort with hygiene, fitness and manners? Is it a sign that you respect the body God gave you? How can you build on that?


3 Beauty secrets to live by:

I decided to get some help and contacted the currently finalist in the 2017 Mrs SA Pageant, Candice Robbertze for her beauty secrets.

Beauty Secret no 1

For glowing skin

1. Elizabeth Ann & makeup removal
2. Dr Klapp’s Toner
3. In the mornings she moisturises with Carribean Tan body Butter mixed with Mac BB Cream (including SPF 15)
4. She buys a brand new tube of Bourjois Mascara every 10 days
5. Bio Oil for her face at night
6. Environ for rough skin patches on feet, knees and elbows at night
7. When she feels ill she takes more herbal tea and organic honey to work from within.


Beauty Secret no 2

What impressed me more was what she said about inner beauty. Candice said that when she is just chatting and laughing with someone there are moments when she is stunned by his or her beauty. She also said that it’s easy to take in the external harmony of features of someone and confuse it with beauty. According to her real beauty is more like an inner radiance, which takes your breath away.

I am sure that might think this does not apply to you, especially if you think of yourself as an ugly duckling. Real beauty as described here is observed in the context of really looking, and seeing someone for who they are. Everyone is unique, which brings me to the last tip.


Beauty Secret no 3


Candice is not only beautiful on the outside, but she empowers the women in her company. She is a powerhouse and yet sensitive enough to lead with empathy.

I love that Candice stands for WOMEN EMPOWERMENT!

You know I am a sucker for showing up emerging feminine leaders, which Candice Robbertze clearly is. Who knows how her story will unfold? I am sure she will appreciate your support.


It really doesn’t matter what you look like. You are beautiful. Just be true to yourself, because that will show you how much you respect yourself. No one else is a better version of you. You are unique.




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  • Shannon Patty Reply

    I read this TWICE! Loved it! We as women are our own worst critic! We are all beautifully made, beautifully unique! Thank You!

    November 18, 2017 at 4:59 am
    • Adele Green Reply

      Absolutely true Shannon, we really are unique. It is seeing this which reminds us of our real inner beauty! If beauty pageants gives us a place to learn one thing it is to let go of the fear of what people think about us, and see ourselves.
      Thank you for your kind comment.

      November 19, 2017 at 10:55 pm

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