SHOW & TELL : The story of my first book


Is It Time You Get Your Relationship On Track With Intimacy?

Adele Green

The book that can prevent you

from making the BIGGEST

mistake of your life & learn

from the last one.

Hi, my name is Adelé.

A few months ago I started a website for my book called to help men, and women, better understand women; and the changes they go through. I specifically created awareness for conscious relationships with my book Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship.

Adele Green

As a woman who ventured to places as far as Peru and Hawaii to find out what I really wanted, and apparently what relationships could not give me, I finally discovered what I craved for!

So I penned it down in one week, and 76 000 words later. Phew, I had no idea that I had so many realisations inside me to share.

I finally understood what it was that I was feeling, and what would make me happy.

Along came my first solo book...

Before the official book launch I had already printed my second edition of Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship. That same month Empowering Women was published in New York, which I co-authored with other ThankGodI authors.

I might have been new to publishing, but I am not to writing. As a Transformation Coach I have been writing articles for years.

What I did not know before...and craved!

I had no idea that revealing my secrets which were hidden away in my relationship, could answer the very questions so many men are asking about women. When I put words to my feelings, it was just the beginning! 

Very soon “Naked with Adele” became a brand on social media and a referral website for those talking about relationship mirrors. That was when I upgraded the website to – a full membership website with 8 years worth of researched information. I was interviewed on radio and live television and even started my own Chat Show for Women.

Once I could share what I felt and discovered…

Adele Green


I found my


More importantly...

When you learn what I know now, it will allow you to recognise your soul mate too. Because I better understand relationships, and what I really crave for – I am happily married again.

Believe me if I tell you that I gave up relationships because I wanted God incarnated in a man! Once I found out the truth about the real soul purpose of relationships, I knew how to get the inner satisfaction I always wanted and did not know how to get before. My journey gave me everything else. I realised that you can have everything and still feel dissatisfied with your life. In the end, it is love that matters the most. If you can’t share your success, life is lonely.

Don't wait to repeat the same relationship pattern - TAKE ACTION NOW!

Being married 3 times (yes it took me that long to learn my lessons) taught me to investigate the patterns in my life with great detail. What I discovered applies to every relationship.

When I searched for books and guru’s it was just not deep enough.

With this book I answer for you what was not available for me

Are you happy in your relationship? NO – then go ahead and get ready to dig deep into what will really make you happy!

This will tell you how to get ready for a conscious relationship. Don’t wait like so many who are divorced, or ready to separate before they read this! 

You do not have to go to the end of the earth and far off places for a vision quest, like I did, to go find yourself.

Save yourself time and money and get this book first.

This might be the BEST investment that you'll ever make in your personal development.


What Others Are Saying

I think your book is desperately needed and offers a lot of depth and guidance. I absolutely loved it! This book should be compulsory reading for everyone.

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa WilsonQuickfox Publishing

Inspiring, Intense, Invoking!

Bisi Thete

Bisi TheteEditor for Blaque Magazine

It reads like a love story, only different, as it is not fiction and filled with learning’s. It was wonderful to catch myself connecting to pieces where I am still stuck or in a process which I am working on – and realising that this might be the key…

Yvette Niemand

Yvette NiemandPh.D Psychologist

This book is for women with a history, who have arrived in another relationship. It would also be for the virgin becoming mature. This book would prevent many hours of wondering and spent tears.

It is also for “the man”, the “me” who will enter into this very delicate relationship where the potential for opening up in utmost vulnerability is wanted and possible. The place in one’s life where respect, openness, support, risky eroticism, crying together because it is beautiful or sad, protection, penetration of barriers and love-bodies is longed for. It is about mutuality!

Armand Kruger

Armand KrugerCouple Therapist