Bitcoin For Women: Every Woman Should Know About The Currency That Transforms

bitcoin for women

Bitcoin For Women: Every Woman Should Know About The Currency That Transforms

Women use to trade sex, then salt, money and now apparently a virtual artificial currency called cryptocurrency, of which the most known one is BITCOIN.  Bitcoin for women gets more bizarre when you realize just how important it is to know the how, when, and why of cryptocurrency becoming mainstream.

Where my interest began…

My ex-husband insisted on withdrawing the children’s share portfolio funds and re-invest it in cryptocurrency. I was besides myself. It is volatile, risky and worse…I knew nothing about it.  We did what we always did: agreed to disagree. He kept half in the share portfolio and withdrew the other half for cryptocurrency. A month later VOILA: it doubled in value. If we withdrew the original half and replace the shares, there was a kewl zero risk. And the bitcoin (BTC) would keep growing.

If you read this whole blog you will learn more about:

  • My interview with Reuel Leach, a cryptocurrency teacher in South Africa
  • What is bitcoin
  • Which are the key cryptocurrencies to know about now
  • What is an ewallet, paperwallet and third party trader of cryptocurrency
  • How to secure your investment
  • Why you can no longer ignore cryptocurrency
  • The biggest risk in becoming a virtual investor
  • Where to start when you want to invest


Women tell me that they cannot break financially free from their partners, because they are not financially independent. When you read this you no longer have that excuse.


When one understands how this new currency empowers you without trading your time for money or become overwhelmed by investment options, you will empower yourself with very little effort. The best part is that you stay in control of your own finances.

For a very long time now women are encouraged to make decisions with their hearts, but with very little financial education and support. This is what motivates the blog. Empower yourself in a short time while you take every step with what technology has to offer. If I am lucky I might just succeed in persuading you to look at cryptocurrency as a tool towards passive income that will also help you transform your life.

I went hunting for information…

A few years ago I met Reuel Leach. He had a unique interest in profiling men and women, and applied it in relationship matches he called womenology. He originally qualified as an electric engineer and dabbled for seven years in full time ministry, but he has always had and interest in personalities.

Then three years ago he got involved with cryptocurrencies and because of the huge demand to help people make their own investments, Reuel started a training centre in Pretoria, South Africa. I could not resist asking him for an interview, and this is what I discovered:


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