Economic Empowerment: Best Breakup Advice For Women

Economic Empowerment: Best Breakup Advice For Women

What you need to know about money when breaking up with your partner, is that for your financial well-being, making decisions with your heart is important but you cannot omit reason and logic. Rather than fuss over spilled milk, making informed decisions will impact positively on your emotional well-being and avoid irreversible consequences. It makes sense to separate the facts from the emotions and nowhere does this matter more, than in the area of finances. When a couple fight about finances, their emotions are still being entertained. Finances are a good indication of where you are in the emotional process and reveal how clearly you are thinking.

In this article we discuss:

  • Some basic facts about money and relationships
  • Lifestyle changes and its impact on finances and emotions
  • Research
  • Success stories
  • What we need, to prepare for transition
  • Financial steps to gain independence
  • When we need legal advice
  • When financial coaching is the right choice
  • What defines successful, meaningful lives and how this includes financial well-being


What is fair and equal inside relationships?

Relationships end unequally because they begin unequally

Sometimes, people want to use their financial power to bring equality to an already unequal relationship. When there is gender inequality, it just becomes more evident during breakups. Women are progressively becoming more educated about the basics of financial accountability, but society is still very forgiving of financially dependent women.

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Some women who could not be independent within their relationship, will struggle outside of the relationship as well. Our best chance of learning more about where and what we need to change comes from teachers who are independent inside and outside of their relationships, as well as from those who have empathy from their own personal experiences in these situations.

Although I inspire and promote an internal focus for women when making big life-decisions, I cannot ignore the financial reflection required for survival once a change has taken place within a major relationship, because we live in a practical world where we  have bills to pay, for our shelter and safety. Big decisions create chaos and to benefit from the sacrifices we make later, an integration of our head and heart decisions are now needed in our new lives. Our focus can align us with what we discover is now important and true for us, after we have let go of what no longer defines us.


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