New Beauty Routine – 5 Easy Steps To Self Love

New Beauty Routine – 5 Easy Steps To Self Love

The drive for inner beauty emerges from the desire for a deep sense of self love that could, should or would become a brand new beauty routine in our lives, if we allowed it to. Everything is easy if we know how…


Life’s necessary virtues might be important, but it does not feed our souls

like the pursuit for beauty does.


Of all the beauty tips, smiling is the best cosmetic there is. But what is the point of being beautiful on the outside if we are empty on the inside? Not as urgent, yet important enough not to ignore if deep soul satisfaction is on our bucket list.

  • Understand why we take the time to feel beautiful inside and let it shine through
  • How we develop a new beauty routine mindset that creates independence and empowers us


Finding “time for me” is a struggle for most women. We find the time to tend to those we love by nurturing and cooking etc., but the time to have compassion for self seems to be the hardest. If you are like me you have to step out of the role of mother, wife and businesswomen to clients, because you are last in the queue when it comes to having time for yourself. And once this decision is made there are so many more choices to make. Being 40-something women we are firmly targeted by the media for what’s in our wallets, so by the time we think of ourselves there is little energy left with which to find joy in the ordinary things . And we have not even started giving to ourselves: Time for me is not about how much time, but the quality of time we spend with ourselves. What we really need for this routine is the wisdom to know WHAT to focus on . This is what I would like to propose here –



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  • Michael Shann San Reply

    Great Adele. We remain aligned and our blood runs with the same colour @HeForShe

    June 8, 2015 at 11:37 am
    • Adele Green Reply

      Thank you Michael. When we understand that everything and everyone reflects us, we also start the journey of the fool where we stop staring at the reflection of ourselves in the mirror of the pool. Self love is the key that opens the door to the love for everything and everyone. Until we understand it, we confuse self love and selfish love of the image we ‘think we are’. Stay connected @nakedwithadele and let me know how you are emerging from your feminine journey of living with the Bushmen Michael Shann San.

      March 4, 2016 at 9:17 pm

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