Awaken Your Intuition For Clarity

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Awaken Your Intuition For Clarity


Awaken your intuition for clarity and find out if your idea is right for you. There is a reason passion drives a purpose-driven career. But, before we start we need a big enough WHY to keep going when it gets tough. So before we start we need to be sure! Too many business ventures fail and it is better avoid after-analysis than it is to start right.


Yes I want to awaken my intuition!


Awaken your intuition


Right now I bet you feel motivated to get started with your brand new purpose-driven business. When we transition from a place where we do what we must for income to a place where we give more of ourselves with a deeper meaning, it can looks like a career change from the outside. I know from having done this personally that you need a big enough ‘Why’ to be successful, or else you will make decisions for your new venture with an old thinking.

Reading this article will show you –

  • Why it is important to tune into yourself when you want to start a purpose-driven business.
  • How to recognise and awaken your intuition
  • Why fighting the system as an activist creates struggling
  • How to become a feminine leader who access women’s wisdom to flow with the energy
  • Finding your own clarity
  • No longer be a people pleaser which is important if you wish to lead with your own business and make a difference.


When upgrading to a new way of getting things done, you will avoid many of the pitfalls which might seem like logical steps before. What might be tough at times will take you deep into yourself one challenge at a time in order to bring up your fears one by one. When you work with purpose it is your passion that drives you. As you shift values, these become the new rules you live by. To stay on the course you need that why this new purpose continues to be important.
So before you just start repeating an old recipe I want to invite you to figure out for yourself what purpose is first with complete clarity. The how we tune into ourselves is what this chapter is about.
Learning to tune in will teach you the inner path. And, although it is harder than following someone else’s proven step-by-step process of success, this way also creates an internal reference system for you from where you will develop your own feminine leading skills.
Feminine leadership skills are about following your own advice. You discover how to from your authentic self. This inward approach towards wisdom invites you to live according our highest values and align it with everything in your life, including your purpose driven career.

  • When you are guided from within you will not easily sway your opinion.
  • You cultivate the skill to believe in ourselves.
  • Your own advice will lead where compared to following the opinions of others in the past.
  • You stop pleasing people and do what you do for different reasons than before.
  • This way will eventually correct many systemic issues we have in society.

Our systems that do not work is merely a reflection of our own behaviours. Being system busters is not an easy way to deal with what does not work. It forces us into a path of struggling. What I am suggesting is a way to do with with flow.


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