Avoid early marriage problems: Learn three golden threads to stay connected

Avoid early marriage problems: Learn three golden threads to stay connected


What can we learn about staying connected in a marriage? To avoid early marriage problems there are three golden threads to learn and know in order to stay connected in a marriage.


Reading this blog will reveal  more about:

  • How connection works on an energetic level
  • How people grow apart eventually
  • Self-love versus being selfish
  • Whose needs will you meet and who will be compromised


Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who knows what keeps a connection healthy in life partnership

Maybe you are recently married to the love of your life and wants to know if it is unrealistic to expect to stay in love. Imagine if we could, would that not be nice? The next best thing is to stay feeling connected to your partner. But, do you know how to do that?

It might happen to you, like it happens to so many who go their separate ways, because they grow apart. We can never guarantee that we do not grow apart from our partners, but we can take responsibility for our own personal growth.

You will always have a partner that matches you energetically. Even if it is because you have a lesson to learn from each other and then move on to someone else. When you are growing and your partner do not, the relationship will naturally dissolve without hard feelings. When you have major issues between you and your partner, or ex-partner, chances are that you are growing by dealing with your issues.

 Someone once told me that all we take with us when we die is the part of the soul that evolved.

Does this not make it worthwhile to explore what personal development means in this situation?

Facts and feelings

You are deeply connected to your partner, whether you feel it or not.

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but deeply connected in the deep.” – William James


You are right when you think that you will not stay in love. 

Being in love is a wonderful time of how we see ourselves inside our partners. We forgive more easily and over time we notice more differences than similarities. This is when nature keeps us together because of children, like I explained in Can You See Me Naked (my book on conscious relationships), and, in order to stay together by choice will mean we have to have a better understanding of ourselves, our needs and values. From here we develop safe boundaries. But back to what keeps the connection…



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      I am glad I could serve.

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