Are You Ready For Coaching?

Ready for coaching

Are You Ready For Coaching?

Are you ready for coaching to grow beyond your comfort zone? What does that even mean exactly? A woman by definition of her roles as mother and wife can lose herself in the nurturing of loved ones. Even at work she, you, me … often forget that the lesson of nurturing is to




Dear Future Client,

I am writing a letter to you today with an invitation to allow me to be your mirror. Can you allow yourself a moment to say: “Yes I like what this looks like”, or, “No thank you I don’t like what I see in this mirror”.

What exactly am I talking about?

I was lost and went looking for myself in some far off place. I felt empty. Even in the perfect life we can feel trapped. This is more or less when a woman realises that that it might be time to put herself first.

Let me give you some pointers

I speak to many women who tells me of their quiet pain. They feel so guilty about even thinking that way.  Girls are groomed to serve, right? Women are not allowed to openly complain about feeling unseen and unheard. In politics we notice how women are aggressive and force the issue as form of shadow rebellion. It is no wonder that so many females can’t find their voices.

Who gives you permission to speak?

The first thing I tell women who feels like they don’t have power of their own voices, and, who now become aware of feeling like they don’t know who they are anymore, is that:

“You have a voice and an opinion that is your own. It is up to you to make it matter.

And no, you do not have to be forceful about it.”

This might feel like a bit much to you, but there is more… so much more!


Some insight:

Over the years coaching clients have helped me to gain insight into this. I discovered the incredible depths at which this fear can hide within all of us. And one specific fear that keeps us from speaking up is



The fear of deserving, validation and of being ourselves.

If you are still with me, this is definitely meant for you, read on

I’ve felt inspired to address this with you after my meditation this morning.

When did you stop believing in yourself?

And, how many habits have you adopted for you to drain out that question that is all consuming in your mind… “This can’t be it, what is happening in my life can’t be right.”

I personally clean, create order around me, even beauty. I put in the external world what my heart craves for. I will do crafts, sew, write poetry, garden and worse… throw myself into my work projects.

No matter what you do, you will never feel good enough

Although I have created many great things over the years it was only a cover up. Deep down inside was a frenzy … if only I could hide my light. I would beg unconsciously: Please could you rather look at what I did than to look directly at me. I am afraid of what you might see. And that is no coincidence that the title of my first book was Can You See Me Naked?

And, no matter what I accomplished, it was never enough. I just couldn’t hit that satisfaction spot until one day. That was the day I decided to do what I am supposed to do, having no idea what it was. But I gave myself to it 100%.

And that is why we need a mirror – the cleaner the better! A mirror for feedback, movement and finding that sweet soul spot.


    • PS – I will be speaking in Hyde Park at a ladies networking event to share a part of my storyof the time when I went looking for myself.
    • I will also be sharing my story in a TedX talk.

There must be no other distractions: When you make up your heart that you are ready to explore what you can become, the Universe joins in the fun. Synchronicities happen and you are in for a magical carpet ride.

You don’t need to feel stuck. You don’t even need to know how to change your life. All you need to know  is that it is time is to show up 100%.

 “Stop wondering, Do something.

Do you want to know if you are ready? Talk to me CLICK HERE

Lately I have been bumping into older clients. They will say something like: “Oh, are you still coaching one-on-one clients?” I will smile and answer: “What has happened since I have last seen you?” Then they will say something like My life has changed so much because of that coaching session! Of course I ask them to inform me of how that happened.

But, it also made me realise something. I had to stop doing once off sessions. So I don’t do that anymore. People don’t deserve to to take years to adjust and integrate, or, disappear for years before they come back for more.

This also meant that I had to check if people are really ready for the power of coaching. I made up my mind about who I will work with and who I will refer.

So my dear future client are you ready?

  • Do you want to experience the love you crave for in your relationship?
  • Are you ready to receive money for the success you earned making a difference?
  • Can you truly own that book you are writing with confidence?
  • Are you willing to be courageous and open?
  • Will you act on ideas beyond your comfort zone?
  • Do you have a high responsibility sense?
  • Will you pay for great value?
  • Show up on time and prepared with homework done?
  • Stretch and develop beyond your imagination?
  • Give this your focus, commitment in space and time?
  • Will you follow through on inspiration?
  • Will you communicate and maintain contact?
  • Can you self regulate your boundaries and take responsibility for your mindset?
  • Will you bet on yourself and trust the process?
  • Are you ready to link your challenges to your soul’s agenda when shown how?
  • Do you know that you have value to offer?
  • Are you looking for direction and clarity right now?
  • Are you open for honest loving feedback?

And just when you think I am done…

I absolutely will not work with clients, who…

  • Are looking for a free ride.
  • Wants to keep complaining and maintain a victim-mentality.
  • Withdraws and want someone to come and save them.
  • Drains people of their energy, time and resources.
  • Will not listen to their inner voice.
  • Are not prepared be supported through their fears to move forward.
  • Hides information from me.
  • Over-think issues instead of act when guided to.
  • Shows up late and unprepared for sessions.
  • Who are not ready to focus and give 100%
  • Chooses entitlement over empowerment.
  • Just wants a formula with a steps instead of working with the energy and intention behind projects
  • Requires healing rather than challenges


Well then, I am still here with all guns blazing offering my coaching programs to those who are transforming at a soul level, and want to learn how to connect their challenges to their soul’s agenda. Stop looking for that big neon sign, it is right here in front of you.

I am looking to talk to you soon.


Love, Adele

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