4 Keys Workshop

What is your next step?

Transform feeling guided, move forward and sleep better, knowing that you are aligned with your choices.


This helped me so much that I wanted to share it with you at the early stages of your personal development, because I only discovered it 3 years after I became a full time qualified and certified coach. And now I am going to give it to for free.

This is my compass, it is how I approach challenges and find solutions in my own transition. And it always gives me answers I use for my next step in my transformation process.

Time to

It is important to do the right thing when you fall asleep at night. Growth is uncomfortable, but some things have to be done even when it affects so many people. The power to change is in your hands.

Here is the challenge:

  • Your heart says one thing and your head another – You feel confused
  • Your confidence has apparently disappeared, and, you have no idea why
  • You can’t just make the decision and move forward, adding to your frustration
  • Because you worry day and night, you suffer twice
  • The longer you take to do what you know must be done, the harder it gets

What can you do about it?

There are 4 concepts in this mini-workshop you can use in relation to your BIG DECISION. While you are in transition it will give you information about your situation and guide your actions safely so you can get to your answer and still know that your action will lead to soul growth.

As you consider each one of these 4 key-concepts in relation to your situation it will open you up to new perceptions you have not considered before. And, it will help you as a women, to feel supported with your big change.

Most importantly, when you finally make that decision, you will know that it was your own. For once you know why following your heart is the right thing to do.

FAQ: What is transformation exactly?

More than just change, transformation is when you change your skin like a snake. Your situation demands that you become an upgraded version of yourself.

Who you need to become in order to shift means that you also create new boundaries. When you transform, you expand, and as you grow you increase your consciousness and energy field. That means you solidify a new you on all levels.

Accepting a new relationship status or a new career implies a possible divorce, marriage, a new business, becoming your own boss for the first time or even moving industry, sectors in the market from corporate to SME. Whatever your decision is, this means the consequences of it will affect your loved ones. And this is why you struggle so much, because as women you are conditioned to put everyone else’s needs on the line right next to our own.

To accept such a big leap can leave you feeling “into” others, as they are being affected by the consequences. If you expect them accept your decision and respect it, this brings about a few future scenario of how you accept your own impact of what you change with anxiety.

Will they support you when you need it the most, or, will they resist it and you? It leaves you in a tight spot to let go of what no longer resonates. The emotional cost of your decision is often the biggest obstacle to your transformation. And that is where you need support the most.

7 Ways how these 4 Keys BENEFIT YOU:

  • Save time, move forward and do it faster

  • Avoid repeating the same mistakes and learn from them

  • Gain a tool to support your gut feelings and understand why it is there

  • Develop your inner guidance system

  • Feel supported by the most important person

  • Create change that let you feel soul satisfaction

  • Navigate unfamiliar situations with courage

This workshop is different because it offers you what all my clients say about my coaching: it bring new perspective to your challenge. 

Although I offer it with love, it’s value is immeasurable to me. I wish I knew this at the beginning when I qualified as a coach, which is why I give it to you first. As your first step on your personal development journey I offer you what came to me in a sacred queen’s bath in Hawaii deep into my own process. It served me well and still do every day when I do coaching sessions with my clients.

Is it for you?

You prequalify if you 3 or more of these are relevant – 

⇒ You are a woman

⇒ You need to make a big decision

⇒ You are in transition in your career or relationship

⇒ You realised there is more to success in life than what you were taught

⇒ You doubt your own confidence levels

When it is not for you:

If you feel strongly about any one of these you are not ready for this self study work.

⇒ You can live with the pain rather than change

⇒ You prefer to sit on the fence

⇒ You are not ready to completely embrace life

⇒ You are happy to be the person who others want you to be because you do not know what you really want yet

⇒ Your life is perfect in every way

⇒ You do not have a good internet signal

What’s included?


⇒ 4 streamed audio’s of about 5 minutes each

⇒ Easily accessible on any device while you are connected to the internet live

⇒ Bonus link to join a small closed Facebook community

⇒ Free membership to this website to access over 100 award winning personal development blogs and over 14 hours of podcasts with feminine leadership development


Hello my name is Adelé Green and I’m the Abundant Soul Coach. My superpower is to turn businesses into the source of women’s abundance. I activate them to own being the boss and change the world with their authentic voices.

I give them the reasons to stop feeling powerless, the clarity to understand the soul message behind a challenge, and keys to embrace the flow of money in their businesses through my programs.

I believe that every women can put herself first. Following her heart allows her to give so much more. And, for the women who is willing to access her authentic voice, unlimited energy, money and emotional freedom awaits.

Start with this mini-workshop. 

If not now, when?

RISK FREE! Find out how 4 keys can be your compass and relax about big changes in your life.


INVESTMENT: max 30 Minutes!