Now Every Man Can Understand Women – Dating Advice

Now Every Man Can Understand Women – Dating Advice

Dating advice is as easy as understanding women. But understanding women is not as simple as that. Why do some guys get the girls?  I bet you want to know.

Dating advice is overrated. How to understand women is a life long commitment but easier when you get two simple things:

  • When women close their hearts everything closes
  • When men are insecure they cannot open women

Pain closes women, period. No pain feels quite like heart pain: when your heart feels like someone has broken open something sacred and it becomes so tight that you cannot breathe. To women this invisible pain is very real. When men understand this, they will also know exactly what to do to open a woman’s heart. A woman will give him a test, based on her last experience with a man.

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To open a woman’s heart a man has to do the one thing that he does not see as important. He has to face up to her emotions. Oh, they are there. She is just hiding them. Accept this and you have a chance.

The man who gets the girl is the confident one who actually knows how to deal with his own emotions, just enough to appear confident. And women need that confidence to open (eventually). Without confidence an insecure man cannot open woman.

When we connect with, engage, and participate fully in this world, there is nothing insecure about it. Emotions stand between men and the women they seek.

Masculine energy penetrates and feminine energy receives.

A man’s confidence comes from the inner strength to deal with his own emotions and not from physically manipulating their world, as he was taught. When men are comfortable to own their emotions it allows them to connect with women. An insecure man who gazes at a woman will never penetrate her. How can men open women when they still have insecurities?

There are things happening in the male psyche that need to be overcome in order to achieve the goal of “conquering the beloved”.


Quoting from Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship  Chapter One demonstrates why women close up when they feel pain:

If a woman’s natural state is to be open, why does she close up?  

What pain is she trying to avoid? How many false promises has she had to endure? Why should she think you are any different?  Why would she believe you? And be honest… what will you do when she has opened up her flower for you?  Will you nurture her seed and thoughts of fantasy? Or will you be blown away by the wind to another flower? If I tell you how to open women, how responsible will you be with this information? These answers I hope you can answer for yourself.

When a man approaches a conscious woman, although she might not be able to articulate her needs clearly, her heart will not lie to her about your intentions. She will feel every inch of your sincerity or lack thereof, and beware: once you enter Pandora’s Box you better make sure you can handle the tools you use.

To open, she needs to hear that you are not like her previous lovers. She needs to feel integrity between your words and actions. Her closed demeanour is only a smoke screen for her real deep desire, which is to connect so intimately that she can hardly breathe. A woman’s pain will be projected at you, because until she believes otherwise, you are just like every other male in the male collective to her.

If your behaviour is not what you offered to her initially, her radar will detect it and close her up. To open she needs to see a little bit of herself in you; she cannot resist her own reflection, if what is reflected is the part that she loves about herself. What she cannot resist, will open her.

In summary then – 

    • Women close their hearts to men when they feel heart pain
    • Women experience heart pain when they remember their past hurtful experiences in relationships.
    • Women find it hard to trust a new men, because they think all men are the same.
    • Men have to earn a woman’s trust before she will open her heart ‘again’.
    • How long will you stay with her before you are bored with her? And when you move on, can you see how this will confirm her past pain and weaken her trust in the male species?
    • Women are intuitive creatures who can sense a man’s intention.
    • To win her trust a man has to show that he can deliver what he alluded to, regarding her.
    • The words he use to lure her in will later be held against him through her expectations. Be mindful of what you say when seducing women.
    • Until she opens for you, her pain will test you to see if you are who are who you say you are.
    • It will take strength and courage to withstand a scorned women’s projections.
    • The more pain she has experienced the more patience and stamina you will need to stand in your masculine.
    • If you pass the test and she opens her heart for you, her body will follow.

When a woman opens her heart for you, she opens completely and the intimacy she craves might scare you away. But it is in this connection with the feminine that you see your own reflectionsee your own reflection of your soul. And if you are man enough, it is this soul reflection that will spit you out, or lure you deeper in to connect beyond physical bodies to a third element of spirit.

Did I tickle your curiosity to better understand the world of women? To know more, you are formally invited to enter the psych-o-logic of women. You are invited to read more, because although they act mysteriously, women would love to understand themselves and there is a deep logic driven by the soul, behind every potential relationship.

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