why counting matters

Counting You Matters, But Why?

If you know that you have a low self esteem this is an important blog for you to read. Some of us are counters and some of us are discounters. As a discounter self-promotion can be irritating and bring up emotions. Understanding why counting matters is vital if you are in a transformation space from where you need to build your new life after a separation, career change or experienced an emotional trigger that turned your world upside down. [...]

I’ve Reached My Limit – Hitting Your Breaking Point

It happened and I’ve reached my limit. What do you do when you hit your breaking point? Many events can lead up to this. And you may be strong… and sometimes even that has a limit. When you reach that stage that you have exhausted all your resources and you really do not know what to do – what then? It is an interesting (and painful) place to be. This is often where so many of us give up our power [...]

Find Your Purpose Working With Feminine And Masculine Energy

There is an internal way and an external way to approach your life purpose. Find your purpose working with feminine and masculine energy. The internal is going inside, working with your feminine energy, and the external is focusing on the outside masculine energy: we need both.   Most of us do it only one way; and most of us focus on the outside or get stuck asking questions on the inside.   Once again I share an article written for the Saturday Star back page and [...]

Looking for answers

Awaken Your Intuition For Clarity

  Awaken your intuition for clarity and find out if your idea is right for you. There is a reason passion drives a purpose-driven career. But, before we start we need a big enough WHY to keep going when it gets tough. So before we start we need to be sure! Too many business ventures fail and it is better avoid after-analysis than it is to start right.   Yes I want to awaken my intuition!   WHERE DO I START? Right now I bet you [...]

Regina Jonga

Divorce Stress Turns Domestic Into Overnight Body Building Success Story – Regina Jonga

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 40 Divorce stress turns domestic into overnight body building success story REGINA JONGA  Adele Green interviews Regina Jonga, ex Zimbabwean domestic worker, who turned her sorrow from choosing a divorce to exercise to feel better. Her story of success became overnight headline news and it inspired her to perform better and better empowering many other women who feel hopeless about the lives they live. Regina continues to win international competitions. In this interview we explore: How her life as a [...]

10 Rules Of Happiness, Red Lipstick & A Mirror

We want it to be logical. We want to be told what the rules are. We want to believe that if we stick to it, we WILL be happy. I dare you to take these 10 rules of happiness and write them on your bathroom mirror with a red lipstick. And if not these then your own.   And let’s start with this short poem I wrote, because you may be able to relate to this state of mind:   Let them take me [...]

The Fear Of Not Being Loved & Dating – Lindsey Ellison

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 38 The fear of not being loved and how to date again LINDSEY ELLISON VOL 2 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Lindsey Ellison, Huffington Post journalist who is outspoken about narcissists. Lindsey freelances for, writes for her own blog and host a chat show “Start Over Find Happiness Again” to empower women. Lindsey motives survivors of narcissists based on her own journey. After the first interview where Lindsey talks about being in a relationship with a narcissist, we now explore: When is [...]

Poem – Because I Am In The Mood

I woke up this morning, like so many of us women do filled with emotions. What do I do with this? – I asked my husband. Crying won’t help to release it and I cannot function until I am not overwhelmed by feelings.  So I wrote this poem – Because I am in the mood May it inspire and touch you. Because I am in the mood I wanted to be different But I am not Sometimes I want to be invisible But I am not I [...]

impact iceland

The Social Entrepreneur Profit Formula – Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 35 The social entrepreneur profit formula TANJA WOHLRAB-RYAN VOL 2 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan, who fearlessly moved to Iceland for love, how she integrates her life to live as a social entrepreneur and making community problems sexy. Tanja specifically addresses how to make social enterprises profitable and her lessons. In this interview addresses: How to recognise drivers for social entrepreneurs with system problems How to serve the community and profit How to reach the community to make and impact How the Impact Iceland Conference [...]

Cancer Survivor Andri Ford

How To Live After A Cancer Diagnosis – Andri Vermaak

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents: EPISODE 33 How to live after a cancer diagnosis ANDRI VERMAAK VOL 3 OF 3 Adele Green interviews Andri Vermaak, who survived a rare cancer and now shares her most vulnerable moments to give hope to other women for whom this disease might seem overwhelming. Andri shares how she learned to value herself from having cancer, surviving her rare cancer diagnosis. She explains what she now takes responsibility for and what not. In the interview you will find out: What is a victim? When does being diagnosed makes [...]